Thought Catalog is a site for op-ed pieces. They also tend to repost — and resell — Reddit posts.

From their About page:

The more worldviews and rhetorical styles on the site, the better. We want to tell all sides of the story.

Whether or not they are vigorous with fact-checking is another — and likely, moot — question; the articles are along the lines of opinion pieces, designed mostly to be funny and fun. Well . . . except this one, which is just a boner-killer.

  • B. K. Hutterer

    I thought it was satire until I saw the writing style. It was poorly authored. While I am good-humoured, that feminist “reverse-rape” article was far from funny; it read almost like my dad and his brothers getting raped by their dad’s younger sister.

  • Jeff Langeheine

    just read an article about 35 women harassed. All the stories were the same and obviously made up. Probably written by some crazy that is off her meds. This is what everyone cries about Fake News. This site has less credibility than the Onion.

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