Real or Satire?

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Category: Real is a wing of the Associated Press news agency. News collected by the AP is then published by more than 1,700 newspapers and over 5,000 television and radio stations. But . . . how reliable are they?’s stated goal is to “provide access to a full range of what Africans themselves are saying, thinking and publishing [. . .].” But are they real or satire?

Business Insider has an interesting piece on how liberal or conservative other news agencies are — or, specifically, the audiences of the agency. They are often accused of leaning left; however, looking at their front page on 12-6-2016, it seems fairly balanced to us. ‘The US is totally out of these [Turkey-Syria Peace] talks, and they’re pretty angry about…

The Washington Times, not to be confused with The Times, has been around since the early 80s. Many consider it a right-of-center counterpoint to The Washington Post. [Editorial Note: In our haste, we referred to Washington Times as a “left-of-center” when it is, as the rest of this post states, actually considered right-of-center.] The magazine had heavy ties with Republican…

The Washington Post has been in circulation, posting real news, for almost 150 years. In the 70s, The Washington Post was responsible for breaking the story regarding the FBI’s COINTELPRO scandal, J Edgar Hoover’s attack on political targets (including Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr). COINTELPRO used tactics against these targets that ranged from illegal wiretaps, planting forged documents, and spreading… is an local ABC affiliate (likely one of the firsts, too) featuring programs to viewers in the Delaware Valley, an area covering Southeastern Pennsylvania, Delaware and Southern New Jersey.

Though the gives us pause, appears to have been half-owned by Microsoft until recently. They get some stories from outside sources, especially their entertainment sections. You’re advised to be careful; some of those sources can be the more sensational sites, like The Sun. This gives some entertainment stories a very TMZ-like gossip-y feel. Based in Australia,

Abiyamo is a Nigerian news and entertainment blog. It’s likely real with global stories slanted towards the African culture in general, and Nigeria specifically. One story they had (Egyptian Court Quashes One Of The Two Life Sentences Handed To Ex-President Mohamed Morsi) check outs with both BBC and Aljezeera. Sometimes you will find stories that have no source cited, like…

From their About Page: “Abe Finklestein is a Bonafide Sports Humour Website created by South Carolina native Beefy “funny” Barnes a South Carolina import and thugged out nerd who now resides in Phila’s University City.”

Some of it gave me a good chuckle a couple times.

Copy and paste any article URL below. We'll tell you if it's real.