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Category: Satire

We actually rather enjoy Heavier Metal — and not simply because Metal has a fond place in our hearts. The satire here has plenty of the stuff other ‘satire’ sites lack: humor.

From their About Page: THE ADOBO CHRONICLES is your source of up-to-date, unbelievable news. Everything you read on this site is based on fact, except for the lies.

Above Average is develops and produces original, laugh-out-loud comedy programming. Above Average is a digital-first company with a 40-year television and film legacy.

From their About Page: “Abe Finklestein is a Bonafide Sports Humour Website created by South Carolina native Beefy “funny” Barnes a South Carolina import and thugged out nerd who now resides in Phila’s University City.”

Some of it gave me a good chuckle a couple times.

The Reductress is another site that wears their satirical nature on their sleeve. But that’s not the only reason why we love this well written site:

Naha Daily’s website is down (or no longer active). Should we still review them? Yes! Find out why, and if their site is satirical or no.

We’re going to try show the satirical nature of Hard Dawn using the most family-friendly articles they have. It’ll be hard (heh), but worth the shot!

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