So you found a new medical site — that’s great! But . . . should you follow their medical advice?

Answer these three questions before you do:

Is the medical site’s logo is a cartoon duck? ✔

Is the font of the site’s menu the closest a font can get to Comic Sans without actually being Comic Sans? ✔

Does the site’s articles feature bad Photoshopped cover images?

Gomer Blog - Satire

Then this new medical site might in fact be satire.

Plus there’s this on Gomer Blog’s About Us page:

Gomer Blog - About Us - Satire

Satirical medical news website by a bunch of “wane comedians.” They . . . their words, not ours!

We actually rather enjoy this site.

Just . . . don’t go expecting any “Happy Endings” new patient bath satisfaction initiatives at your next doctor’s visit any time soon.

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