We actually rather enjoy Heavier Metal — and not simply because Metal has a fond place in our hearts.

With stories ranging from the Metal-specific (Avenged Sevenfold Fired By Record Label After Disappointing Lemonade Stand Sales) to the timely general/political (Success Of Joe Biden Memes Lands President Obama And Biden New Reality Show) the satire here has plenty of the stuff other ‘satire’ sites lack: humor.

From Heavier Metal -- a satire site

Seriously, we’d pay to watch this show.

Some of their stories (like this one)had gotten picked up as real by Facebook’s “Trending Topics” algorithms, and Rolling Stones had a nice article about it.

In that article there was a follow-up note:

EDITORS NOTE: Facebook has sourced this story as real news in a trending topic. For those of you who cannot tell, this website is completely filled with satire stories. We enjoy making the metal community laugh — but please don’t take our content seriously.

Even their About page has a fair bit of cheek in it.

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