My father always told me: “If it’s too good to be true, then it’s probably not.” Undoubtedly everyone at some point in their life has been told this by a parent or grandparent. But it certainly applies to the article that came to us from - definitely satire

If wishes were fishes . . . follows the same URL convention from other fake-news sites, like,, and a seemingly countless, evergrowing list of others. The ‘story’ of this particular, according to their contact page, is that it is “a news entertainment music fashion website” called Carla’s Nice Nunnery, or CNN.

In the Twitter-Deletes-Trump article, we also see this:

Twitter has setup [sic] a hotline for those wishing to voice any concerns or comments over the company’s impending ban of Donald Trump. That hotline’s phone number is (785) 273-0325.

That -0325 number actually belongs to the vile hatemongers over at the Westboro Baptist Church, something that Horner has done with other fake news stories and sites.’s contact details lists that same -0325 phone number and their address as 3701 SW 12th St, Topeka, KS 66604 — which is also the address for the Westboro Baptist Church.

We’re also graced with the appearance of our old friend with the now-infamous name of Paul Horner in the site’s contact page.

You might recall that Horner has had quite the illustrious and varied career. He’s been a ‘spokesperson for Yelp,’ the recipient of the first head transplant surgery, a 15-year old boy, and in this Twitter-Deletes-Trump story, a ‘representative of Twitter.’

If ever you see the name Paul Horner in an article, either in the context of the story or as a writer, you can rest assured that it’s fake-news/satire.

But this story just came out today (Jan 10, 2017) so . . . let’s check Twitter on Jan 11! Maybe we’ll be eating bouillabaisse.


Editorial Addition: The author of the Twitter-Deletes-Trump article is listed as Jimmy Rustling. That name is also associated with fake-news/satire/Horner sites, including previously mentioned.

  • Cecelia Noble

    Why would it be good news? You prefer the media to lie to you?

    • Teddy

      Trump has been doing the literal definition of gas lighting since he began his campaign. For the uninitiated, gas lighting is a technique in which systemic lies are told to a person until they believe everything the person gas lighting becomes as real as fact to the victim. He has been caught several times completely lying about incidents for which there exist video evidence.

      • Sharon Gibbs

        Right on it! Thank You!

    • Brandon Harris

      I’d prefer a president-elect who acts with dignity and class, on and off Twitter.

  • Elijah

    Pretty much all news is fake, theres no “real news”, some are just more liked or favored then others, 70% of what you read on the internet is fake. that other 29% is either unproven or theries, only about 1% is true.

    • Samira Peri

      You, “sir”, have failed to comprehend what critical reading is all about.

      • Elijah

        Hey, if you wanna read something for hours trying to figure out if its real or not be my guest, im just try to teach some people what the real world us like cause its not very pretty.

  • Paul Horner


  • Jacquie C

    “If it’s too good to be true, then it’s probably not.” – doesn’t make sense but if it did, it means the exact opposite of what you think it does. The saying is “If it seems too good to be true, then it probably is”.

  • Banned By Free Speech Systems

    They also ran a fake news story where Trump is a Flat Earther. As of today the site seems to be down.

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