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On first glance, most of the headlines used over at The Free Thought Project seem designed to incite a certain emotion, mostly indignant anger — which is reason enough to give us pause on TFTP. We’re not sure how to categorize this site, just yet. The issues they write about are complex, but real. We just have this nagging feeling that there’s something else going on. Bias? Probably.

We’re assuming that is in the Indonesian language. No one here speaks it. From the homepage, however, filled with overly happy, beautiful women (some even suggestively eating a bomb-pop) we assume it’s mostly ClickBait sensationalism banking on ad-revenue from click-hungry horny men.

As of this writing, has this image on the landing page: — which asks you to visit Click THAT link fires off a series of 2 or 3 redirects in rapid succession, before landing on a page asking you to disable search tracking. We want to mark them as ClickBait — and likely dangerous for your computer’s well-being…

The article sent to us for U.S. Herald was this one from March 2015: ABSURD: Complete Ban On Using The Word ‘Pork’ To Avoid Offending Muslims From the article: Yes, you read that correctly. Oxford UP is prohibiting authors from using the words pig, pork, sausage, or other pig-related words because they are afraid of offending Jewish or Muslim readers… is a Croatian site. Sorry, we don’t speak the language. If anyone reading speaks the language and can translate some stories or determine if the site is real or satire, please let us know in the comments! Thanks!

Tez Hazirlama Evi is a Turkish site. No one here at RoS speaks Turkish. Sorry. If you do speak Turkish and would love to help us out on this one, please do! EDIT: Special thanks to site-visitor 4DEATH, who provided a bit of info on Tez Hazirlama Evi: Thiis is not a news website. It claims to write thesis (university)…

From their ABOUT US page: and are Web sites produced by The Virginian-Pilot, which is owned by Landmark Media Enterprises L.L.C., based in Norfolk, Va. The Web sites serve the greater Hampton Roads metro area, stretching from Williamsburg to the north, Virginia Beach to the east, and the Outer Banks of North Carolina to the south. As far…

Copy and paste any article URL below. We'll tell you if it's real.