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The article sent to us for U.S. Herald was this one from March 2015:

ABSURD: Complete Ban On Using The Word ‘Pork’ To Avoid Offending Muslims

From the article:

Yes, you read that correctly. Oxford UP is prohibiting authors from using the words pig, pork, sausage, or other pig-related words because they are afraid of offending Jewish or Muslim readers who consider pigs and pork to be off-limits for religious reasons.

This was picked up by Mr. Conservative, June 2015.

The response to this from Oxford UP themselves:

Given that our editorial guidelines that reference pigs and pork have been in place for as long as I can remember, little did I imagine that they would attract international headlines claiming that the Oxford University Press had banned sausages. To clarify, OUP does not have a blanket ban on pork products in its titles, and we do still publish books about pigs. Although there have been no recent changes to our guidance on this topic, these articles highlighted the fine balance needed when considering students’ cultural and learning needs.

[. . .]

While we should be mindful of these cultural sensitivities, a healthy dose of common sense is also required. Cultural taboos must never get in the way of learning needs, which will always be our primary focus.

We cannot say that is either real or satire. They fall into the likes of Rebel Media, Jihad Watch, and their ilk — they will bend and contort a story to match their ultra-conservative mission:

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