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On first glance, most of the headlines used over at The Free Thought Project (TFTP) seem designed to incite a certain emotion, mostly indignant anger — which is reason enough to give us pause on TFTP.

One article is especially difficult to parse the site’s intention:

[K.T.] McFarland, being a long-time CFR member, has a history of pushing war all over the globe in the interest of the U.S. war machine. She cut her teeth in the Nixon and Ford administrations, serving as adviser to Henry Kissinger on the National Security Council from 1970 to 1976.

[. . .]

The narrative created by CFR and its cohorts is picked up by secondary communicators, also known the mainstream media, who push it on the populace without serious analysis or questioning.
McFarland’s long tenure with Henry Kissinger is most telling. The Washington foreign policy establishment seems to ignore Kissinger’s immense role in promoting conflict, genocide and torture around the world.

[. . .]

You may have noticed the reference to Kissinger being Hillary’s Clinton’s tutor. We know that Clinton is beholden to the Washington establishment and the globalist military order, but Kissinger and CFR are not letting their influence subside with Clinton’s loss.

[. . .]

The appointment of K.T. McFarland is the biggest indicator yet that Trump is opening the door to the neocon globalist cabal, despite his claims of being against the establishment. This is especially troubling, considering the unabashed hostility of Trump and his appointees against Muslim nations that do not submit to the will of the U.S.

Overall, the site’s intent appears to be biased against over-extending military reach. They are more than willing to post articles against both Republican or Democratic spheres, as well as mainstream media’s inactivity reporting on certain events. There are some ClickBait-y headlines present, but there are plenty other neutral headlines present, like the one linked above, which is very matter-of-fact.

We’re not sure how to categorize this site, just yet. The issues they write about are complex, but real. We just have this nagging feeling that there’s something else going on. Bias? Probably. We’ll keep this one open.

  • Rob

    They’re down with all sorts of anti-science stuff, too.

    • Bob Mac

      Be VERY critical whenever you see terms like “anti-science” “evidence-based” or “fact-checked”, because a couple of syndicates virtually control us, through media control and also the massive grant-giving powers of the tax-free foundations, The Rockefeller foundation is the particular culprit, and the Rothschild financial one equally culpable. Rockefeller controls Ford and Carnegie, and Rothschild not only all national and international finance, but mass media in America and West Europe, in other words internationally. Where it concerns us is health and food, being based on petrol-chemical products, Chemical medicines have their lace, but are harsh and leave side affects. The Syndicate uses academe and government alike to attack rivals in the natural movement, itself long established. Good physicians have been healing cancer for millennia, using natural medicines, diet, etc, These doctors risk everything, including life and liberty. The drug companies love money more than honor.

  • David Heatherington

    I’m not comfortable with these guys at all. Generally, to me, they seem to in favor of a conservative agenda. One of their most recent headline articles is about how CNN allegedly filmed a fake news story from scratch, even so far as to getting members of the public and police involved. Allegations that CNN often creates fake news has been a conservative warcry for some time now, specifically the alt-right constantly doing their utmost to undermine news reports that bring Donald Trump and his administration into disrepute. As more and more white house bungles pile on top of each other, the alt-right’s assertions about news outlets creating fake news are beginning to wear thin with the general public as primarily due to the fact that the whole “fake news” fiasco has only ever been around since Trump began to run for office … therefore, if there are in fact propagandists who create fake news about fake news creating fake news, it is sites like the free thought project that are the instigators of it.

    • lena crosson

      Sorry but the fact is CNN as well as the NYT has had to retract many stories. The editor of the NYT said that they have to get better at checking sources. When a major media outlet gets it wrong so often, one must question their intent. CNN was caught giving questions to the Clinton campaign. That is not a conservative claim, that is fact!

      • Just_A_Thought

        It wasn’t CNN….it was an spokeswomen and she was let go….So you leading off with “Fact” is fiction…do you or have you worked for either of those news outlets?
        No, didn’t think so, get your facts straight by doing a little research!
        Story: Democratic National Committee (DNC) interim chair Donna Brazile was fired from her position as a political commentator at CNN over e-mail leaks suggesting she had improperly supplied Hillary Clinton’s campaign with advance knowledge of questions to be posed to her during Democratic campaign events hosted by the news network.

      • Art Weaver

        Not only that CNN & NYT management has made public statements to the effect that they are aware of the “low level hum,” of inaccurate, incorrect, and purposely misrepresented news and information being promoted and published by their journalists.
        And they simply don’t care, if it’s about TRUMP, Republicans, Conservatives, or anyone else they don’t agree with….

    • Rich Paul

      It’s interesting that you consider any criticism of CNN to be Conservative by definition.

      Is this because CNN is so intractably liberally biased?

  • Joseph Ahner

    While they are certainly hyperbolic to a degree they are certainly not to be dismissed as nonsense nor are they conservative by any stretch of the imagination as they are firmly anti war and firmly in the camp of BLM on police reform.

  • I saw at least one story sourced to DCLeaks, said to be a front for Russia’s Fancy Bear organization.


    T.F.T.P. I a great web site. They deserve a five star rating.

  • Rich Paul

    Did you know that the term “conspiracy theorist” was literally created by the CIA as a term of derision to question the sanity of those who believed that the government was not telling us everything about the Kennedy assassination.

    We know those “conspiracy theorists” were right. Even this year, Trump refused to tell us everything about the Kennedy assassination.

    Do you literally think that nobody ever conspires? Because people are convicted of conspiracy to do a variety of things every year in the USA.

    • Rob

      That is exactly the kind of nonsense a conspiracy theorist would say. The CIA was created in 1947 but the term ‘conspiracy theory’ first appeared in print decades earlier.

      A conspiracy is not the same thing as a conspiracy theory. When a conspiracy is discovered, by definition that conspiracy cannot be theoretical. The term conspiracy theory explicitly refers to an instance where a conspiracy is invoked as an outlandish and unlikely explanation for something for which better explanations are available.

      • Rich Paul

        A “conspiracy theory” is a theory that people may have conspired to do a particular thing by a particular means.

        Some are true, and some are false.

        Any allegation of a conspiracy is a conspiracy theory. When the prosecutor describes his “theory of the crime” while prosecuting conspirators, he is quite literally delivering a Conspiracy Theory.

        The theory that 19 hijackers conspired to knock down the World Trade Center is a conspiracy theory, as is the theory that one or more government insiders were involved in the plot.

        • Rob

          No, ‘conspiracy theory’ has a very specific meaning beyond ‘any conjecture that a group of people consider to do something’.

      • Rich Paul

        I know you want to use it as an insinuation, but using insinuation profits you only in smuggling ideas into the conversation unexamined.

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