Real or Satire?

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No one should look to Occupy Democrats for unbiased news reporting. Calling them ‘bias’ is like calling the Moon the Earth’s only permanent natural satellite. But how should they be categorized?

The title of the site itself shows that it’s trying too hard.

The site’s design, however, shows that their web designers aren’t trying hard enough.

But is it real? Or satire?

We can’t tell if 18karatreggae’s headlines are considered ClickBait in Jamaica, or if they’re just really bad at writing them. Three stories check out; 1 does not. Are they real? Satire? Or ClickBait?

With a Republican-controlled Congress and (kinda sorta) Republican President in office as of this writing, we imagine the Bipartisan Report will not be short on supply for things to outrage their readership with. Bipartisan Report is a highly biased, left-leaning liberal media source that uses strong, loaded words for their headlines for stories that can be misleading.

The article sent to us for Hang the Bankers was this one: “US launches cyber attack on Russia’s power grid, telco networks and Kremlin command systems.” In the article, they claim that Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said: “If no official reaction from the American administration follows, it would mean state cyberterrorism exists in the US. If the threats…

Before It’s News straddles between BIASED & CLICKBAIT in most of the articles from their site that we’ve seen. Could it be satire? Read onward to find out!

We have no patience for sites like They are merely clickbait sites that dress their articles up in cheap news-like knockoff clothing in the hopes that they can either trick its visitors into sharing the article online, or trick its detractors into thinking they are purveyors of fine satire. (Clearly it’s the former.) Maybe if their stories were even…

TMZ World News is likely banking on the familiarity of TMZ to add credibility (which for some is part of the joke in and of itself). But on their contact us page: is the most notorious satire website in the world with the most shocking Satire News to keep its visitors in a state of disbelief. In fact,…

Copy and paste any article URL below. We'll tell you if it's real.