The title of the site itself shows that it’s trying too hard.

The site’s design, however, shows that their web designers aren’t trying hard enough.

The site has broken links (check out the Social Media links in the upper-right corner of the Home Page), default WordPress post pages, and stories copied from other questionable news sources without proper attribution (usually verbatim), though the photos used are usually always attributed. (You can generally guess where they got their information — mostly from the same source as

One story, The mystery of Planet X deepens: Expert believes a mysterious ninth planet is to blame for wiping out the dinosaurs, has already been debunked. Actual News 24’s story aggregated the same story from The Sun (a U.K.-based tabloid mag) and a followup from Daily Mail.

We actually commend’s restraint here. They could have easily made two separate articles as opposed to having an addendum basically debunking the main story. (That’s what Daily Mail did.) But a ClickBait headline brought you to the Planet X article, and needing to scour through 20 paragraphs before coming across the part of the article that debunks its own headline is what secures our assessment.

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