No one should look to occupydemocrats.com for unbiased news reporting — it’s in their name, after all. Calling them ‘bias’ is like calling our sun the closest star to Earth.

They are very quick to publish Clickbait-y headlines for stories later proven false (which are then removed without fanfare or editorial notice).

Occupy Democrats reported about three counties in Wisconsin admitting to committing voter fraud in favor of President-elect Donald Trump (original link, now removed), which is false — likely the reason for the story’s removal.

They also reported on Bruce Springsteen insulting Trump. This story was originally here (now removed) but now archived in its entirety here. The story was likely removed because the @Boss1949 Twitter account is not the official Bruce Springsteen account.


Original Story, now removed

Original story, now removed from OccupyDemocrats

(The Boss did, however, refer to Trump as a ‘moron’ in a Rolling Stone interview.)

Then you have extremely Clickbait-y headlines like:

Trump’s National Security Pick Is A Deranged Conspiracy Theorist And Fake News Fan

Trump Wants A Wage-Slave Fast Food CEO Millionaire As Labor Secretary

Trump Is Considering A Taliban Sympathizer For Secretary of State

And Occupy Democrats are not above posting Clickbait memes that make up stuff to get their point across, like the oft-debunked Pam Nelson from Texas Voter ID Fraud meme:

Click the image to be taken to Snopes’ debunk

Click the image to be taken to Snopes’ debunk

We don’t particularly care if this was to counterbalance all the false Right-leaning memes out there — sloppy reporting (and shitty meme-creation) is problematic, no matter which side does it.

  • Linda Peterson

    Occupy Democrats is a great way to obtain current and breaking “factually correct” news, quickly and concisely.. Of course the right wing nut, lunatic fringe, below average intelligence, with shit for brains, Nazi racist, women disparaging, tRump supporter, is highly offended by Occupy Democrats. We are all glad that you are..Anyone with any intelligence, (and not the Betsy DeVos kind), knows that the “Groper in Chiefs” clown car of criminal Putin loving cronies, will get prison sentences in the end.

    • mhlg

      No Linda, Occupy Democrats isn’t a great way to obtain “factually correct” anything. As a progressive liberal, I’m appalled at how cavalier they are with the truth. The Occupy people don’t really do any reporting on their own, they just copy their news from another source and then sensationalize it and often misrepresent it for the sake of accruing likes and shares on Facebook. If you want good factual honest reporting then go read Mother Jones or TruthDig.

      • Ryan Bradley

        NationofChange, AmericanewsX, TheHill, Altantic, Rawstory, Alternet, Slate, Salon, Politico, 538 are great alternatives aswell

    • Edgy Guerrero

      It’s about as reliable as the Onion

    • Random Boy 3 m
    • Terri Grenier

      just wow

    • Peter Sparrow

      How much did they pay you to say that?

    • Kathy Clifton

      I have to honestly say…..this is the most “factually incorrect” post I’ve seen in a long time, and it shows your lack of education and intelligence in humanity as well as politics,,,,not to mention lack of common sense, You are exactly the type of person that Occupy Democrats likes to lure into their biased fake news cult, as you obviously have no mind of your own, or knowledge of what is going on so you just preach what they tell you, and spread their lies for them. It’s people like you that keep the hate and divide in this country alive. What a shame to society and future generations. And you probably wonder where bullying comes from……from adults like you.

  • Peter J Clare

    its crapper paper thats making people nuts and post all over social media ,, its like crack for people and very sadly these nutty and loose whit the truth and sensenionism its hurting liberalism ,,its very off putting ,,its prob the best tool to put people off the democrats …its to much its constant belittiling and name calling sounds so unintelligent,,theres no message or news only an angry cilck ,,its actualy sad being liberal appears to be somthing else today its sad ,,i hope we can drop this crazy soon

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