Real or Satire?

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Category: ClickBait is based in the U.K. and geared mostly towards that audience. We looked at two stories, as best we could, to determine if it’s real or not. Read onward:

It’s clear that BTNOMB is primarily an entertainment site, filled with the sorts of “juicy” celeb stories that may or may not eventually be proven true — and by the time the gossip is proven, everyone has moved on to the next big story. But are they real? Satire? Or something worse?

If there’s some sort of civil unrest, impending cataclysm, or upcoming plague, is selling something for it. But are they real, satire, or something worse?

We actually commend Conservative Outfitters on their schtict. They sell clothes (and other things like coffee mugs, ‘museum quality’ artwork) on a nicely designed website that tries to draw a weak connection to a well established clothing store (Urban Outfitters) — all with conservative slogans, mantras, quotes, etc — while redistributing news from other Conservative outlets. Enrage the audience. Then…

24NewsFlash probably just gave up: abysmal Facebook engagements, no post or new article since August 2016, site traffic down. Our researching their site has probably been the highest traffic they’ve had in awhile. Anti-Hillary ClickBait at its most boring.

Although The American Tribune homepage still has an ABOUT menu item, it’s a completely dead-link. or go to 404-error pages. Fortunately, their original About disclaimer was put up on Satire sites are likely dropping in ad revenue, so we’ll wager a lot of sites will be removing their “satire” disclaimers. Beyond this fact, American Tribune has moved…

The title of the site itself shows that it’s trying too hard.

The site’s design, however, shows that their web designers aren’t trying hard enough.

But is it real? Or satire?

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