UPDATED REVIEW 1-12-2017: Our previous review of If You Only News came when we had a simple binary ranking system. Our conclusion has been updated to match the new system. You’ll be seeing a lot of updated reviews as we continue to comb through the database.

They’ve routinely used ClickBait-style headlines and some information “massaging” to prop up their anti-GOP take on the news. Snopes has a great example of this in action here.

When checking the validity of a story from If You Only News, you’re advised to cross-check with other news sources to be sure you’re well-informed.


This is a tough one.

When you first go to IfYouOnlyNews.com, you’re greeted with a well-constructed page. But it seems a bit too jovial for a news-site. Their About Us page doesn’t lend any answers either:

Nothing to see here.

Nothing to see here.

As far as we can tell, IYON isn’t a satire, per se, as it is an opinionated (and often comedic) take on real news. They tend to be a bit too self-referential at times. Of the 7 links in the article, DEMOCRATS ‘INTENTIONALLY’ DESTROYING BLACK FAMILIES TO GET VOTES, CARSON SAYS (AUDIO), 4 of them point to other IYON articles.

  • GoodEssence

    If You Only News is ludicrous, if not outright fake. Its writers go to extremes to maintain factually wrong positions when confronted with indisputable facts, such as the actual texts of laws they criticize.

    • Spades_Neil

      It’s certainly biased–and that’s coming from someone who people call liberal. I don’t use ifyouonlynews for any arguments, because I just look like an idiot to my opponent.

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