Not even sure what the point is for hollywooodreporter.co — or the other sites it promotes:

Each site has one “story,” all about Arcade Fire — themselves quite known for their trolling antics.

But these sites teach us all a valuable lesson in spotting fake sites right from the jump:

  1. Note the misspelling of “hollywood”
  2. Note the misspelling of “billboard” in the footer and in the URL for billlboard.co
  3. Note the close-but-not-quite-right name for Stereo Yum, which mimics the legit entertainment site, Stereo Gum.
  4. Note that clicking most “internal” links simply take you to the page you’re already on.
hollywooodreporter.co -- fake, Fake, FAKE

And they can’t seem to decide on a name.

Is this ClickBait? Are they simply banking on ad revenue from the occasional click? Or could this be another marketing troll from the band?

In the end, it doesn’t matter; it’s all fake.

And only mildly funny.

(Although updatas.com is a clever name.)

UPDATE: We called it. The Verge confirmed it.

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