is SATIRE is, like The Onion, a satire site by their own admission.

Well . . . only if by “admission,” we actually mean, “take a look at the site’s logo”:

Liberal Darkness Logo w/ Tagline - A Little Light in a Crazy World.

Maybe you want more proof of their satirical, comedic nature. Maybe you believe that “27 Men Contract Homosexuality After Viewing Beauty and the Beast 3D” . . .

Liberal Darkness article - Confirmed: 27 Men Contract Homosexuality After Viewing Beauty and the Beast 3D
If you do actually believe this, please log off the Internet — now.

Well . . . you won’t find said ‘proof’ in their About Us page because it lost a battle against a rogue Lorem Ipsum generator. - satire – Maybe their About page is satire, too?

But if this article is true, then some of us here at Real or Satire have been using microwave ovens incorrectly this whole time!

  • Jed Malig

    the about us page translated:

    And dear readers, the world has been cast into a new age of unprecedented unrestrained bias polarity and political darkness. Powers struggle to control the fate of culture, communication became chief organ of spreading – it is bad or dark meat.

    Where a community.

    The staff of the members of Liberals, with the darkness, but shall not come into the knowledge of a great train, and by the news of the way of discovery and culture of the conquered by the fame of the rod of the writers and they said to us, like a guest.

    At the same time, and be joined to our worldviews, and at the same time, a most brave of light arise to the liberal, indeed, the world of darkness.

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