The article submitted to us from ourlandofthefree.com is this one:

White Supremacist Who Killed Protester Is A Democrat And Visited Obama In Oval Office

But . . . is it true?

ourlandofthefree.com - Satire

Anyone who believes a news article with THIS bad of a Photoshop job deserves to live in their own secluded Idiocracy.

(Note: The image title, “loluidiots-1”, is their name for the image file, not ours.)

Fortunately, you don’t need to look far to see the intent of the site:

ourlandofthefree.com - satire disclaimer

Complete with their own Satire Rating, just for clarification.

We believe in the right to be free. No matter what, the freedom to do what we want, say what we want and publish what we want comes first. Therefore we make no guarantee that what you read here is true. In fact, it most definitely is not. Our Land Of The Free is here to entertain you with the kind of whimsical satire conservatives enjoy.

And from their About Us page:

Ourlandofthefree.com makes no guarantee that anything you find here will be based at all in reality. All posts should be considered satirical and all images photoshopped to look like something they’re not. It’s not you, it’s me.

This sort of “satirical commentary” against an ideology is becoming commonplace. It’s getting old, though, even when it’s so obviously, ridiculously, laughably fake as to lend itself to comedy.

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