Not even sure what the point is for — or the other sites it promotes:

Each site has one “story,” all about Arcade Fire — themselves quite known for their trolling antics.

But these sites teach us all a valuable lesson in spotting fake sites right from the jump:

  1. Note the misspelling of “hollywood”
  2. Note the misspelling of “billboard” in the footer and in the URL for
  3. Note the close-but-not-quite-right name for Stereo Yum, which mimics the legit entertainment site, Stereo Gum.
  4. Note that clicking most “internal” links simply take you to the page you’re already on.

Is this ClickBait? Are they simply banking on ad revenue from the occasional click? Or could this be another marketing troll from the band?

In the end, it doesn’t matter; it’s all fake.

And only mildly funny.

(Although is a clever name.)

UPDATE: We called it. The Verge confirmed it.

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