Heavy Caveat: We’re loathed to consider (TPV) “real,” because it’s mostly opinion, but it is a site that makes their opinions based on data they’ve culled. But it makes no attempt to hide its liberal slant.

From their About page [emphasis mine]:

This blog is devoted to examining issues from a liberal perspective, on factual bases and on fair analysis. This site is also deeply zealous about liberal Democratic activism. At The People’s View, we are committed to giving readers as much additional resources (mostly via links) as possible to educate as well as activate. The People’s View is also a public policy blog for reasoned debate and discussion.

The pluses:

  • TPV does provide links for further investigation

The question-marks:

  • Does TPV ignore other sources to help slant their opinions?

And even this tidbit, “deeply zealous about liberal activism,” creates not so little dissent among fellow Leftists. In 2011, TPV posted the article “A Left Wing Hierarchy,” which seemed to try to pigeonhole Obama-objectors on the Left into neat categories, complete with ‘training’ on how to handle arguments with them. Some left-leaning bloggers took exception to it.

Our initial gut-reaction is to consider suspect everything that you read at TPV. Information there is likely okay to repost and share, but be ready to suffer through the comments you’ll likely get, mostly rebuking whatever claim your shared article posits.

  • A54tygghh

    It’s where all Correct The Record trolls went to lick their pathetic wounds.
    A disgusting group. The Dem’s version of Breitbart propaganda for neo-liberal corporatism.
    A freak show of the first order.

    • linked1

      Yes my thoughts too. These guys are scary – they seem like the flip-side to the alt-right shit-coin.

      • tracey marie

        or, they are Dems and Liberals and not bros or deplorables.

        • linked1

          Look Tracey, you and your ilk have done enough damage. Go ufck off and disappear into a cave.

          • tracey marie

            poor thing, are you in need of a safe place?

          • linked1

            No, but you deserve to get the tar beaten out of you by a trumpkin.

          • tracey marie

            shocking, a deplorable threatening violence

        • Thelma

          Been a long time, Hon. (kiss noises) Good to see you. xoxo

  • Thelma

    They ban any and all dissenters to their groupthink views in 1.04 seconds.

    • MeanValueTheorem

      I was banned in less time after being called obscene things there by people who didn’t know me form jack.

      • Thelma

        ??? my comment went into moderation??? WTF??

      • Thelma

        The Truants (blogspot)

  • Benny Miller

    TPV is right up there with Blue Nation Review, Crocks&Liars, Raw Sewage and fAlternet. Any one of them will ban you for questioning their pro DNC, pro Hillary, slant – and all actively worked against Sanders, probably with Brock and DNC money.

    None of the above are to be trusted.

  • lockewasright

    The information on that site is factual. The opinions on that site are based on the factual information. Disagreeing with the opinions or not liking them doesn’t make it untrustworthy.

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