Three of 18karatreggae.com‘s stories checks out:

» Reggae Artist killed at her home, confirmed from her Facebook artist page.

» Vybz Kartel Rated By Mick Jagger in Rolling Stone Interview, confirmed by Rolling Stone.

» Legendary Journalist Gwen Ifill dies at 61, confirmed by living in the world!

However, they also posted Florida lottery winner accidentally marries his own granddaughter months after it had already been proven false.

In fact, the Vybz Kartel/Mick Jagger story appeared in Rolling Stone back in 2015, yet 18 Karat Reggae posted it (sources uncited) as a new 2016 story.

Many of the stories are older, being passed off as new, with not a single source cited — which should immediately give pause.

From their About page:

18 Karat Reggae promotes the love of the music, the lifestyle of the Rastafarian, the roots of Africa, the words of Marcus Garvey, the elimination of oppression and respect and tolerance for all humanity. We aim to be righteous, we strive to be truthful, our hands are clean, our hearts are pure and our quest for justice is uncompromisable.

Be careful, though. Their “truth” leans heavily into Biblical territory.

Because we’re not entrenched in Jamaican culture, we’re not sure if the headlines of 18karatreggae.com works as ClickBait for Jamaica, or if 18karatreggae.com are simply just really bad at writing them. Some of the headlines for their homosexual stories seem a bit alarmist, but “alarmist” in the way that someone really stoned might compose.

(Not that we’re racist against pot-smokers.)

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