is BIASED is ‘real’ for the sake of our purposes here, meaning, it’s not satirical. Fond of citing the New York Post, another in the Murdoch sensationalist crop, it’s more an anti-Obama mouthpiece than anything else.

This was the article that was submitted to us:

Basically, it’s blasting Obama for firing over 100 military personnel, including some generals.

But the facts behind their dismissal are something that places like Conservative Tribune and NYPost and Allen B West don’t want you to know:

Major General Michael Carey: Relieved in October 2013 for his “drunken bender” in Moscow, including fraternizing with local women, making inappropriate comments disparaging the Russian military, among others. As a result, he was reassigned and made Special Assistant to the Commander of Air Force Space Command in Colorado.

Vice Admiral Tim Giardina: He was already due to leave StratCom, and his bio currently lists him as “assigned to the staff of the vice chief of naval operations.” He was reassigned in September 2013 after getting caught using fake casino chips in a poker game. Now . . . this may seem like nothing, but in Iowa (where he was stationed), it’s a class D felony.

Lieutenant General David Holmes Huntoon, Jr.: Huntoon was given a letter of reprimand, allowed to resign from his post and took his mandatory retirement the next month. An Inspector General’s office investigation revealed that he had misused his position and forced subordinate officers to perform personal tasks.

And this is just 3 of the 20 that we looked into, which is just a paltry 1/8th of the total list of “fired” personnel. This is also slightly ironic, consider Allen B West’s own brush with near-court martial with the Iraq interrogation incident, which was ultimately referred to an Article 15 proceeding rather than court-martial. So West, of all people, should know that there’s always more to a story than the headline-grabbing non-details.

News should have only one agenda — stating the facts, without color. But the stories on is the perfect example of why you should not take anything at face value — even — dig deeper for Truth, not the ‘truth’ that someone wants you to believe.

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