The Beehive Bugle’s About Us page should tell it all:

Beehive Bugle is a Utah-focused, faith-based initiative, delivering internet-based speculative law and gospel reports since 1897. In our current, corporeal [emphasis theirs, but telling] incarnation, we give you the news you need to know when you need to know it.

Then it has this sentence, which is basically a paraphrased definition of Poe’s Law:

“Any sufficiently advanced gospel is indistinguishable from bullshit.”

And then this . . . delicious photo:


From an article in City Weekly:

As long as there are rods up the ass of at least half this state’s population, there will always be a home for satire in Utah. — The Beehive Bugle has been giving local residents a taste of snark, sarcasm, parody and just good ol’ pissing-people-off type humor for almost a year now [. . .].

We could consider it Poe’s Law, but the satire in the Beehive Bugle is fairly tongue-in-cheek. It’s actually a fun website and one that we regularly frequent.

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