Although not a news site, I figured I’d go ahead and throw our hat in the ring about

How many of you saw the movie “Antiviral”?

The premise is this:

In a dystopian, celebrity-obsessed near-future, Syd March is employed by the Lucas Clinic, a company which purchases viruses and other pathogens from celebrities who fall ill, in order to inject them into clients who desire a connection with celebrities.

Not to be one-upped, the folks at have opted for something that is equally disturbing, yet just as fascinating a premise for a movie as was “Antiviral,” despite having been the premise of a couple episodes in the great comedy show “Better Off Ted.”

It’s likely fake.

But it’s likely a double-fake, meaning, it’s not only meant to be a commentary on public consumption of celebrity-ism, but also a commentary on how far a celebrity will go to be consumed. I bet Bitelabs has been contacted by the PR team of many celebrities regarding this. And I bet this is partly the point.

The site mentions New Harvest as a partner, yet according to a USA Today article, New Harvest director Isha Datar said Bite Labs has yet to speak with her organization.

From a article:

According to “Kevin” from the BiteLabs team the site is partly a commentary on food culture, the ethics of meat, and “the way celebrity culture is consumed.” But the part about making celebrity meat is real.

The sort of clearance that would be necessary for something like this to even think of beginning would be staggering. Discussion on whether or not this is cannibalism would likely have caused a ruckus long before now. I mean, people are freaking out over genetically modified tomatoes, and yet there have been no discussions about celebrity-filled meat-products?

That said, with folks talking about food and water shortages, with scientists warning that the Earth’s population growth is unsustainable, there will likely be a future where we are eating meat-creations. Would celebrity meat be too far of a stretch?

Until more info comes out, we’re going to mark this as satire. And I will only change it once I have a Elijah Wood sausage in my mouth.

Er, I mean . . .

. . . No, that’s right.

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