Imagine The Colbert Report television show, without the laughing audience, the obvious wink-wink of the host, and the over-the-top comedic stylings of Comedy Central writers, and you have Christwire.

Christwire highlights the excesses of American Christian conservatives through its satire. Ironically — or expectably, depending on your point of view — Christian Conservatives tend to mistake Christwire articles as true news.

Christwire stays ‘in character’ throughout their website, including the About and Disclaimer and Footer section:

©Copyright 2014 — ChristWire. – Powered By Values, Morality, Conservatism – All Rights Reserved

So it’s understandable that someone might mistake it for legit news, especially if the article ‘strengthens’ your ‘argument.’

This site is a perfect example of Poe’s Law.

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