Counter Current News is a fringe news source.

They’ve reported on the murder of an Anonymous hacktivist Abu Shehadeh and even on the Banksy arrest hoax. The one post they have marked “satire” is actually a real article about a group of Muslims making a satirical spoof video on ISIS.

While some of the stories might seem like humor, (e.g., the ‘gays with guns’ advocacy group, Pink Pistols and the U.K.’s Save a Life, Surrender Your Knife campaign), they are in fact not jokes.

As with everything, check sources as much as possible. CCN might be ‘real’ by our judgment, but that doesn’t mean their reporting is without the color of intent.

  • bb

    CCN has posted many stories already known to be debunked and consistently re-posts old news as “breaking news” despite being a year or more older. CCN often clones posts from other pseudo news sources which are almost always headlined with some race baiting or trump hating words.

    No, CCN is NOT a legit news source by any standards and if you follow them for a month you will see this for yourself.

    calling it “real” (by your judgement) by any stretch of the imagination leaves one wondering how valid this site is in and of itself.

    • We’d love to see some examples — thanks!

    • Andri SigurĂ°sson

      Totally agree. Also, how are thing ether real or satire? Not all news that is not real is satire.

      • Joshua Latos

        But the point of this site is just to ensure my grandma doesn’t think an Onion article is real. It’s not really about evaluating the integrity of non-satire sites.

    • Abledshawl

      Just to poke. By your metric, what constitutes as legitimate news and what sites/outlets demonstrate that? Secondary poke, what are examples of Counter Current’s pseudo or debunked news?

  • Rhotel1

    CCN posted article about Fukushima using photo of salmon with tumor on its lip from 2004 – that is downright dastardly! – that article was widely spread using Facebook

  • Clark Kent

    They are exactly what’s wrong with our country. They perpetuate hate, and division. They spread propaganda just like the Nazis.

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