I have a personal shame with this site.

I almost shared “Blake Griffin Smacks Justin Bieber At Hollywood Starbucks” with my personal Google+ circle.

But it’s definitely fake news.

Their tagline is, “Because Sports News In Better When We Write It,” which in and of itself isn’t telling.

Their About page reads:

Empire Sports is part news, part op-ed, (part, ahem, tabloid) and one hundred percent entertaining.

Likely, by ‘part-news, part op-ed,’ they mean that every story is rooted in some truth, but the crux of the story — the part that is so funny or outrageous that it begs a reader to share it — is completely made-up for comedic value.

From their Facebook page, however:

Empire Sports is a news satire site focusing on sports and sports related topics. Our stories cover the gamut from odd to downright crazy. Help us fool the world; like and share!

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