Enduring Vision graciously reveals its satirical nature in its own logo:

Bringing the world satire and love since 1927

From their About Page:

The Enduring Vision is an award-winning satirical webpage. It has been around in some form or another since the dawn of man; early forms of the site’s logo and layout have been discovered in caves where human ancestors were known to live. This makes The Enduring Vision the original news satire publication, even though now there are about 100 million others (that scientists know of). [Emphasis ours]

And then a sort-of FAQ, on the same page:

Is This Real?

If you have never seen or read the word “satire” before, all you need to know is that although we may use real names, places, events, and pictures, the things you read about here did not really happen. And if you needed to read this message to figure that out, watch out. You are in grave danger.

So . . . thanks for making our job a bit easier!

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