UPDATED REVIEW 1-12-2017: Our previous review of If You Only News came when we had a simple binary ranking system. Our conclusion has been updated to match the new system. You’ll be seeing a lot of updated reviews as we continue to comb through the database.

They’ve routinely used ClickBait-style headlines and some information “massaging” to prop up their anti-GOP take on the news. Snopes has a great example of this in action here.

When checking the validity of a story from If You Only News, you’re advised to cross-check with other news sources to be sure you’re well-informed.


This is a tough one.

When you first go to IfYouOnlyNews.com, you’re greeted with a well-constructed page. But it seems a bit too jovial for a news-site. Their About Us page doesn’t lend any answers either:

Nothing to see here.

Nothing to see here.

As far as we can tell, IYON isn’t a satire, per se, as it is an opinionated (and often comedic) take on real news. They tend to be a bit too self-referential at times. Of the 7 links in the article, DEMOCRATS ‘INTENTIONALLY’ DESTROYING BLACK FAMILIES TO GET VOTES, CARSON SAYS (AUDIO), 4 of them point to other IYON articles.

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