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Totes asshole.

Unfortunately, it’s real — as is the Inquisitr.

The Inquisitr is mostly a multi-news aggregator, publishing trending news and original articles.

They have a decidedly liberal color to their writings, so take everything that you read there with a grain of salt. For instance, for the article submitted, compare it to a recent Snopes article on the subject. You can see where the Inquisitr‘s slant comes into play with their reporting.

Addendum 11-23-2016: We’ve updated judgment to reflect our expanded review system. Inquisitr’s slant is undeniable and, as such, cannot be ignored. You can consider their news real, but biased.

  • coloradoguy1209

    Well, I was thinking just the opposite, that it was Right-Wing-slanting, after reading this Inquisitr article:
    I’m independent-thinking middle-of-the-road politically (which to most closed-minded & frankly self-righteous Right Wingers, thereby makes me a “flaming liberal” LOL) Having said that though, the Inquisitr news site does seem to be one of those “not just the facts, ma’am” types of sites, so it’s a site whose news articles I’ll always take with a grain of salt.

    • robert owen

      So, we see YOUR bias. Nothing wrong with knowing.

  • Daniel Treisman

    I attempted to reach out to the owners of this site to clarify and repair their bias in calling The Inquisitr biased but it seems they have chosen to ignore my emails to them.
    As a multi aggregator – covering 200-300 stories daily – we believe, if its news, we discuss it, and if its being talked about, we will report on it, we won’t suppress any stories because they are showing ‘one side’ in a certain light, we do not take sides. And we do not allow opinionated slanting in our news reporting.
    To call The Inquisitr a biased news source goes against everything we do and everything we stand for. With 200 + voices reporting on thousands of stories weekly, we aim to cover everything that is newsworthy, but we do not allow that news to be reported with slant. That means that we get abuse often for reporting on things that are “leftist propaganda” or “rightist conspiracy theories” but we are just reporting them as news.
    Thanks for listening and hopefully one day this site will take heed and fix this injustice.
    On a final note I was unable to understand what, exactly it was, about the article chosen at the top of this page, that made us biased. Could someone please enlighten me, i just re-read it a third time and read not one hint of bias in the reporting.
    IF we would have told the reporter not to report on this story would THAT have made us biased?

    • West_Coast_Patriot

      In other words, you will talk to an gossiper around as long as they are talking about it, yeah, not bias.

  • where did i go? what is this site? ahaha fanny)))

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