• Robot Panda

    This site loses all credibility when you compare this to the Breitbart article. I’m not disputing the Breitbart one, I’m just saying that Jezebel should have the biased flag, with its history of publishing downright false information that supports their feminist ideology. If you judge this as “real”, but Breitbart as “biased”, then you advertise your own lack of credibility.

    • Brandon Patr!k

      They just started tagging some stuff as “bias”. They’ve commented elsewhere that they are in the process of updating a lot of stuff.

      But “loses all credibility” . . . ? Nah.

      • Robot Panda

        Jezebel is still tagged as real, despite its obvious bias. It is either that this site’s owners share the bias, making them blind to it, or they’re deliberately unethical.

    • D.r. Supe

      no , breitbart we just judge as totally fake, forget the bias… but yes, I wondered if jezebel was satire after seeing an oklahoma legislature trying to say that women are merely hosts for their parasite babies.

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