Mzansi Daily is South Africa’s Daily News Website.

It’s hard to verify whether or not some of the stories are real, especially the ones that are specific to South Africa that isn’t internationally reported news. But they have enough actual global news (“UK Woman Caught Urinating In Busy Street“, which, damn) sprinkled about their site that makes me think that it’s an actual real-deal news site. At worst, it’s a combination of a real site that also has gossip-rag content, such as the gossip-y article, Pearl is the face of beauty brand Neutrogena, replete with quotes from ‘insiders’ — usually code for ‘made-up by someone working on the article.’

The sheer number of such African, and specifically South African, sites like Mzansi Daily is as staggering as the number of UK and US sites. Because they do have a section devoted to ‘letters to the editor’ that are structured like regular articles, it’ll be easy to re-post non-news articles as news articles. And searching for the validity of a Mzansi Daily article will take you mostly to other South African sites. No one has time for that rabbit hole.

We’re marking this as both Real and Satire, simply so that you are aware that there may be validity issues related to any item you might come across or want to reshare.

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