I guess we are to consider to be the WebMD of religion. Never mind the implications of that analogy; simply take it at face value.

The grisly story that was submitted to us for review, “Christian zealot beheads teen for practicing witchcraft,” is unfortunately true.

And while Patheos is fond of citing The Washington Times a lot — itself, a conservative-leaning Christian news source — Patheos attempts to brand itself as “library of the histories and belief systems of 50 (and counting) of the world’s faiths, along with maps of their origins and videos of their religious services, so people can learn more about their own faith and explore others in a nonsectarian format.” [Times, “What Do Religions Believe? A Website with Answers“, 2009]

It has received write-ups and praise from Time, Newsweek, and San Francisco Chronicle (among others).

Patheos’ intent is to be middle ground between academia, popular media, and faith sites, where one can go and learn about other faiths, not just one’s own [Time, ibid.].

There doesn’t seem to be a particular hard-lean one way or the other on It truly feels like a repository of religious essays and ruminations in an attempt to be as Wikipedean as possible.

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