PolitiFacts.com is actually a pretty good source for vetting political (mis)information.

As far as we can tell, it’s not satire.

They do a pretty good job at taking an article and debunking it with plenty of hyperlinked information and sources.

Remember: You should always @mdash; always! @mdash; check sources. You definitely don’t want to fall completely down a source-search rabbit-hole, but you should always go 2- or 3-links deep.

The funny thing about this site — and people’s opinions — is that left-wing folks think it has a right-wing agenda; the Right, a left-wing. Poor PolitiFacts can’t win for loosin’, as my Daddy used to say.

Maybe that’s the sign that they are, in fact, neither.

I do know that their Obama Meter — designed to inform us on the campaign promises that Obama has kept, broken, compromised, etc. — is pretty on-point.

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