Local, national, and international news tend to focus on all the shitty horrendous goings-on in the world, so it’s nice to have a place where you can just find delightful tidbits of positivity and examples of humans being . . . well, human to each other. is an Upworthy-like repository (repostitory?) of media that the owners consider worthy of resharing. If the video will bring a tear to your eye, or the photo is unbelievable, or something is priceless, or awesome, or beyond awesome, you’ll likely find it on

They, themselves, are fond of Reddit posts. Whether or not they fact-check is likely a moot point, but if it’s something you’re concerned with . . . well, #1, thank you, and #2, no they don’t.

One of their articles: “What They Found From Busting Mexican Drug Lords Made My Jaw Drop. These Photos are UNBELIEVABLE.” The teaser photo is a .357 Magnum semi-automatics with solid gold grips. Shocking! Unbelievable!

They at least link you to the original Reddit post; however, just one comment in to the Reddit post and you’re given the original article whence comes the Reddit post, the Snopes article, and a nice infographic of what different sizes of money would look like, which is helpful for the next time you read an article that says a billion dollars was found in someone’s home.

(In short, the Reshareworthy article is sort of true.)

So are these articles share-able? Definitely.

Will you likely be called out for sharing them? Only if your friends are jerks.

If you’re into the Upworthy-style articles, which some consider ’emotional terrorism,’ then you’ll enjoy Reshareworthy; but any ‘news-ish’ article should be verified before taking it as 100% fact.

(Also of note: RSW does a fairly nice job of providing supplemental content on their Facebook page, so it’s worth adding them to your Friends/Liked Pages.)

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