The Daily Caller is often touted as the conservative answer to Huffington Post. Indeed, the Daily Caller themselves say they are “the balance against the rest of the conventional press,” which if you can’t tell by most conservative rhetoric is left-leaning. But conservative pundit and Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson said that they would “not be tied to ideology.”

This idea of ‘balance’ doesn’t stop them from moving forward with an article accusing Sen. Bob Menendez (D) of paying women for sex. This accusation hit five days before the 2012 New Jersey senate election.

Which is awfully convenient.

In fact, a later investigation by the Washington Post claims that Daily Caller paid the ladies in question to make the claims. Granted, this same article asserts: “Under police questioning, Figueroa said the foreign man, who said he worked for the Daily Caller but did not provide identification, asked him to arrange staged interviews, Polanco said.”

Also awfully convenient.

The Daily Caller is considered real news, for the purposes of this site, but you will want to pay particular attention to the color of every article and try to find opposing viewpoints.

Addendum 11-19-2016: Since this post, we’ve updated our review system to include the categories ClickBait, Biased, and ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. While we still consider DC to be based on real headlines, their conservative bias is undeniable.

  • Kathy Hayward Blankenship

    The co-founder is Tucker Carlson, not Carlson Tucker.

    • pjh

      Good catch. They don’t even offer thumbs up with their comments. What do you expect from the Left.

      • Actually, this website does have up and down votes on comments.

      • senorroboto

        ^ Conservative ignorance at its finest

        • pjh

          Only when I read Liberal trash like this article. Still haven’t gotten over your Hillary loss, have you? She got Trumped real good. She’s done, she’s finished. She’ll never be president again that’s for sure!

          • senorroboto

            Did you forget to take your meds grandpa? Hillary was never president.

          • Luther Blissett

            “Liberal Trash”? You just finished calling this site part of the “Left”.

            If you cannot even broadly distinguish between the “liberalism” and “the left”, how can you even begin to make useful comments about the wide spectrum of political philosophies you will encounter on the internet?

            Polarizing everything into only two option is fun but the complexity of the real world should occasionally be dealt with.

          • pjh

            Nice, but then you go on to do exactly what you criticized “The only thing worse than the left is the right.” The liberal left is a form of mental illness, and there is no distinction.

          • Pamellion

            Oh come on. Liberalism is just trying to help others out. Conservatism is not being willing to spend the money to do that. Neither one is mental illness. But nasty comments like yours sure don’t do conservatives any favors.

          • pjh

            That’s a garbage definition on liberalism and conservatism. How is doubling the the national debt, and killing the unborn “helping people out”? That is what Obama did. Trump is an example of conservatism ~Saving money, increasing jobs, lowering the national debt and taxes. Basically it’s the grown up party, and the liberalism is the selfish give me everything for free party.

          • Pamellion

            “killing the unborn” ho, boy. Look, if you believe it’s murder then go ahead and protest it. I have no problem with that. But I believe it is not murder to stop a pregnancy in its early tracks. So I’m pro choice, though prefer the idea of planned pregnancies and avoidance of them altogether if you don’t want to be pregnant. And how that helps? Overpopulation contributes to MOST of the societal problems we are facing today. (Also, who really gives a hoot about the national debt — it’s not like anyone’s going to pay it, LOL). But what made it so high was war that began with Bush. And Trump is already saying that he wants to make our armies stronger. Really?? Do you know how much we already spend on that crap? LOL! Give me a break.

            And you are so wrong about liberals — who used to be mainly made up of Republicans until liberal Republicans wanted to give equal rights to Blacks, then the parties changed (because they are so grown-up). Crazysauce. Anyway, it’s not the give-me-everything-for-free party. Let me break it down for you: you are saying in one breath that we want to raise taxes, but in the next breath we want everything for free. Hmmm. That makes no sense. But let me clear it up for you: yes, I always vote to raise taxes and I always pay my taxes to HELP people who need that extra money — be it for research or welfare or healthcare or vet benefits or to support the arts or other institutions that make society more civilized and comfortable for everyone. YUP, call me liberal.

            Now, do I know anyone on welfare? Yes in fact, I have at least 6 close friends I can think of who are on one kind of welfare or another. For injuries or chrionic pain or because they were laid off. 5 of them are Trump supporters. Now THERE is some hypocrisy for you. But I guess like Trump says about stealing money from people: Hey, I wouldn’t take it if you’d make it so I couldn’t.

            LOL, what a morally repugnant jackass.

          • pjh

            Thanks for proving my point. Liberalism is a form of mental illness! The
            Democratic party is the party of slavery. It’s also the abortion party. Obama raised the national debt more than all the presidents combined, and what do you say, “who really gives a hoot about the national debt — it’s not like anyone’s going to pay it, LOL).” How mature. Yes our children, grand children and multiple generations to come will pay for it. You just don’t get it do you! Sorry democrat and republican politicians voted for the war with Iraq, and the incompetent “Community Organizer” spread the conflict with his Arab Spring propaganda. The health care system is a mess because of Barry. Don’t worry Trump will fix all the wrongs of the last 8 yrs with many more jobs, lowering taxes, making us energy independent, and securing our borders. This was waaaaaay over Barry’s head. He was too busy doing illegal wire taps, putting men in women’s restrooms, Hitching up the gays, and playing endless games of golf. His legacy is and was SH*T!

          • Internet Astronaut

            Somewhere there is a village missing it’s idiot.
            Nice non linear dipsh*t gibberish.

          • pjh

            I know, right! lol

          • PhoenixRising

            He was talking about you….

            Case in point…

            Also: no proof of wire tapping. Trump has already tried to destroy your medical insurance. He also made a lot of false promises that he hasn’t bothered to live up to. He promised that Keystone XL would use American steel, for instance. That’s untrue, it’s using more imported steel than American.

            If he could get off Twitter to run the country, he might actually try to do a good job.

          • Pamellion

            Thanks for proving my point: that conservatives have no sense of humor. I was obviously joking about the debt — but as you recall, it was working itself out until GWB took over. But Republicans never acknowledge that.

            Also, you are wrong about slavery — the CONSERVATIVE party (which HAPPENED to be Democratic at the time) was the party of slavery. The LIBERALS (who HAPPENED to be Republican at the time) abolished it.

            But Republicans never acknowledge that.

            Now about the wire tapping: I’d so much rather have a President in office who MIGHT have tried to tap Trump’s phones when he was suspected of being in collusion with Russians than a President who is obsessed with applause, with LETTING the Russians have power over him, and with crazy tweets about the Apprentice. You do know that it’s not illegal to wiretap traitors, right?

            Sorry if the health care system seems to be a mess, but the approval ratings of it are high, and before the AHCA we had a hard time getting insured. After, we were able to get the insurance we needed. Hope that all works out for you.

            “hitching up the gays” LOL, again, that’s mature. You know, if you would think outside of your little box for a while, you might realize that humans are pretty amazing creatures who can love in all sorts of ways, and that gay people are not a threat to you.

            Obama lowered unemployment numbers. But Republicans never acknowledge that. Almost everything you wrote there is incorrect. Misinformation provided by tin-foil-hat trolls who want internet attention. Your incoming-information system is a mess. You are following too many right-wing (and maybe even left-wing) rags. The moderate line is the one to follow, and you need to research everything you read, as I have. There is a lot of garbage out there and if you’re too willing and eager to hate one side or the other, it’s harder and harder to sort through the crud. No politician is perfect. No politician tells the whole truth. But there is a difference between outright lies to trick supporters and exaggeration to make a point. Good luck sorting it out!

            And you’re kidding me with the golf thing, right? You are quite the whackjob.
            Again, Good luck sorting it out!

          • Spencer Moran

            if you knew anything about how the central banks work, it is technically impossible to pay off all debt of any entity

      • Luther Blissett

        Yeah – the only thing worse than the Left is the Right. And the only thing worse than the Left and Right are those adults who split the world into two simplistic caricatures and pretend that this is anything but laziness.

        • Lauren

          Well. It’s also ignorant narrow-mindedness.

  • Darn Cat

    Anyone who believes anything written in that daily caller rag is a total idiot, or a traitor like trump. These people hate America, and need to be shipped the hell out of here.

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