The Daily Caller is often touted as the conservative answer to Huffington Post. Indeed, the Daily Caller themselves say they are “the balance against the rest of the conventional press,” which if you can’t tell by most conservative rhetoric is left-leaning. But conservative pundit and Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson said that they would “not be tied to ideology.”

This idea of ‘balance’ doesn’t stop them from moving forward with an article accusing Sen. Bob Menendez (D) of paying women for sex. This accusation hit five days before the 2012 New Jersey senate election.

Which is awfully convenient.

In fact, a later investigation by the Washington Post claims that Daily Caller paid the ladies in question to make the claims. Granted, this same article asserts: “Under police questioning, Figueroa said the foreign man, who said he worked for the Daily Caller but did not provide identification, asked him to arrange staged interviews, Polanco said.”

Also awfully convenient.

The Daily Caller is considered real news, for the purposes of this site, but you will want to pay particular attention to the color of every article and try to find opposing viewpoints.

Addendum 11-19-2016: Since this post, we’ve updated our review system to include the categories ClickBait, Biased, and ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. While we still consider DC to be based on real headlines, their conservative bias is undeniable.

  • Kathy Hayward Blankenship

    The co-founder is Tucker Carlson, not Carlson Tucker.

    • pjh

      Good catch. They don’t even offer thumbs up with their comments. What do you expect from the Left.

      • Actually, this website does have up and down votes on comments.

      • senorroboto

        ^ Conservative ignorance at its finest

        • pjh

          Only when I read Liberal trash like this article. Still haven’t gotten over your Hillary loss, have you? She got Trumped real good. She’s done, she’s finished. She’ll never be president again that’s for sure!

          • senorroboto

            Did you forget to take your meds grandpa? Hillary was never president.

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