UPDATE – 08-03-2016: We have slightly revised our judgment on Breitbart in light of their consistent policy of going well beyond headline-hyperbole with their articles into downright lying when it suits them:

Obama’s post-Ramadan statement giving thanks to the “achievements and contributions of Muslim Americans to building the very fabric of our nation and strengthening the core of our democracy” becomes:

Breitbart Headline says, "Obama: Muslims Built the Very Fabric of Our Nation."

Sometimes, they outright lie, as with this headline:

Breitbart headline reads, "Obama: 'I'm the Closet Thing to a Jew' to Ever Be President."

When in fact it was David Axelrod, former Obama advisor, who said that on an Israeli television channel. This is Breitbart at their Clickbait-y best. At worst, which is most of the time, it’s shoddy journalism meant to enrage their base.

While it is always our recommendation that you read an article in its entirety before sharing it and never rely on the headline + first paragraph method, we double-down on this sentiment with Breitbart. It will be easy to share with haphazard abandon if you share a similar socio-political disposition with Breitbart, but reviewing and double checking sources will always be your best bet.

Original Verdict – Andrew Breitbart was a rather conservative author, The Washington Times commentator, and author. He also served as an editor for the Drudge Report website and was instrumental in starting Huffington Post.[1.] continues on in his conservative vein, even after Breitbart’s death in 2012.

Despite Breitbart himself having the reputation of being a despicable person — or at least having a despicable public persona — is no more or less horrible than any other news site with a specific agenda. The stories are going to be slanted heavily on the side of the Conservatives.

For instance, there’s this article about Brian Williams [erroneously reported as “Jennings” — thanks for pointing that out to us, readers!]:


According to this article, since one news anchor makes a shit-tonne more money than a handful of other anchors who also make a shit-tonne of money, that negates the current income disparity in the U.S. Because, you know, that makes sense. But this is the sort of Right-leaning stories you’ll find on the site, with little to no counter-voice.

It makes one wonder what Andrew Breitbart’s involvement in HuffPo really was.

[1. Wikipedia, Andrew Breitbart, retrieved 01/20/2015.]

EDITOR’S NOTE: Buzzfeed actually has a nice write-up about Breitbart’s limited involvement with the launching of HuffPo. This was written a day or so after his death in 2012.

  • Andrew Peters

    I see 10 liberal biased media outlets for every conservative biased media outlet
    I don’t think that it’s bad to have biased media outlets but I would really like to see a few neutral ones that convey both sides accurately.

    • Julia

      Breitbert is on its own level, however. Liberal media sights aren’t nearly as outrageous, and in fact there are plenty of conservatives sights that are much more newsworthy. Breitbert is not really conservative, however, it is more alt-right.

      • immortalwombat10 .

        What makes liberal sites outrageous is they pretend otherwise, breitbart is unappologetic and sources all of its facts. Because of this its articles however slanted have substance and value to them for a person willing to do their own research. Unlike huffingtonpost or others known to write entire articles without a single source.

        • Annoyed

          actually, you’re describing “Breitbart” and conservative satire sites and if they cite sources, they’re faulty…..

          • Sam Harris

            Breitbart is equal to the onion! πŸ˜€

          • Jack

            The Onion is funny and tries to be. Breitbart isn’t funny at all, and I’d say it’s more dangerous than anything.

          • Sam Harris

            That is what I mean the thing is people will literally take the onion seriously but breitbart is that ridiculous in its new reporting and people take it as fact sadly to say.

          • Art Salmons

            Dangerous to freeloaders and illegals.

        • Adam Colquitt

          Like its 3 million illegal votes that when asked for the source, they never replied.

        • Kevin Criswell

          where do they list sources? Almost every article is actually an opinion piece that contains no factual circumstance reporting. Its not news its basically the Enquirer.

        • bhudster10

          Ha, ha, ha, ha, you are joking?

      • Aldous Huxley

        That is from your perspective. MSNBC plays sweeping music in the background while telling outright lies and even agreeing to use propaganda at the behest of the DNC. This is simply a ploy to get you to support them monopolizing propaganda.

        • Annoyed

          actually, most normal people would find Breitbart on queue with other ridiculous sources like the National Enquirer and Weekly World News. MSNBC is pretty much neutral and what music is playing whenever they are talking? Not sure if you even know what you are talking about…..

          • Aldous Huxley

            Absolutely clueless…

          • Cynthia McCall

            If they ever read Huxley’s writing they obviously didn’t get the point.

      • wysd0m

        I used to agree with that sentiment of liberal news outlets being more neutral. However, if you went through the recent election, and still believe that they are unbiased you’re just simply blind to the actions of your “peers.” There was something incredibly fishy about how Bernie was treated in media, and how Hillary was glorified and put on a pedestal.

      • Art Salmons

        Alt-right is just the latest label used by the MSM to try and marginalize the other side. Before that it was the Tea Party. Before that it was “neocons”.

        • LeadersDontFollow

          Alt-Right was a term used by and embraced by Bannon himself so….get your facts straight.

    • Brandon Patr!k

      I agree with this def. You should definitely have right-leaning new sources to counter left-leaning news sources. But you’d have to go pretty damn bat-shit-cray-Left to counter Breitbart, though.

      I think something like complementing WashPost with WashTimes is one thing. But having Breitbart in a stable of “real news sources” is problematic.

    • FlensingFools

      that’s because REALITY has a liberal bias, Andrew.

      • Andrew Peters

        Reality has an egalitarian bias and has nothing to do with political philosophy.

  • Chuck Roast

    Who is Brian Jennings?

    “For instance, there’s this article about Brian Jennings:”

    • guyeddy

      Is this site fake news?

  • Aldous Huxley

    This is what thought control looks like. You had real freedom of information with the internet. That has become ‘troublesome’ to the plantation owners.

    • FlensingFools

      you covered your roof in tinfoil, didn’tcha?

  • Calvin Bridges

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    • 2121xxx

      Calvin, STFU. Get your lazy butt out of here.

      • He’s not lazy. He’s hawking product. He’s out there spammin’, not sitting on his ass. Wrong choice of derogative.

        • 2121xxx

          Ha! πŸ™‚ Calvin get out of your mother’s basement, quit milking your udder in front of free porn, get a job, get a girlfriend. You’re a loser.

  • Tom Anderson

    Nobody is asking whether Breitibart was real or satire in 2012. They want to know about today. They should hear about the comments section, which is dominated by people who use special codes like ((())) around people’s names. And they should hear about x, y, z all of which make realorsatire incredibly outdated.

    • Slaybastien

      Does it matter? Has Breitbart changed and suddenly became NOT biased? 2012, 2014, 2015, or yesterday, Breitbart is the same shitty biased nonsense.

      I don’t expect them to constantly update a ‘judgment’ every three or four months just to satisfy some folks incessant need for “the new.”

      I assume RoS updates things as they need to — and when they have the time to.

  • Troy_Davis

    Breitbart another hasbara fellowship operation, and not a very good one. Remember good disino, no matter if left or right wing, tells SOME truths. It’s the lies and the bias that try to shape what the reader is supposed to think. Most people admit that CNN, NBC, and FOX are all fake news, but then there is the other side of the fake news, breitbart, infowars, the American thinker, WND, etc. There’s not much difference. I’m so SICK of Israel for anti-globalist AND anti-zionist reasons BOTH.

    • JBMoorpark

      I don’t think “most people” would say that CNN and NBC (or even FOX) are all fake news. Fake news is innuendo, unsourced stories, unverified rumor or deliberate propaganda.

      NBC is watered-down news but fairly neutral or slightly left-leaning. CNN is also slightly left-leaning. FOX is more than slightly right-leaning. But Breitbart is in a league of its own. To compare FOX to Breitbart is an insult to FOX, frankly.

  • Spacechick

    As Daddy always said: ‘Don’t believe everything you read, and only half of what you hear’. Good advice from a Veteran of WW II.

  • Robyn B Holmes

    well… there goes this sites credibility ….

    do you and snopes hang out often? lool

    • Lorenzo Marini

      aaand that’s why ideologised people (like you) are beyond help

      • Robyn B Holmes

        except im a liberal atheist who supports lgtbq , minority and pretty much everyones rights….

        good job wearing your “asshat” properly πŸ˜‰

        • Lorenzo Marini

          eheh you got me there, I thought your ideology was surely another one. But you still can qualify for the ‘mainstream media are evil’ team, which is quite an ideologised position that make many people accept ‘alternative’ media no matter what they do, even in front of clear aberrations to journalistic methodology.

          But maybe I do am wearing my asshat and you have an explanation on why Breitbart is not biased, and Snopes is?

  • Duc de Richleau

    Breitbart are fascist scum… They ban anyone who dares to comment or respond to the fascists who are posting very intolerant, violent and racist things.

  • FiveF

    careful Robyn you destroying Lorenzo’s entire world belief in one paragraph. What you can agree with everyone’s rights and also have some logic!!? Snopes isn’t what i thought it was?!?! Oh crap

    • Lorenzo Marini

      Oh, didnt see your answers up until now. Thanks Robyn for a polite answer. Poor FiveF, trolling online with nothing to add, are you 12 or something?

      None of you is destroying my beliefs dudes, sorry about that. I’ve got a fairly decent knowledge of the media industry and of journalistic methodology to be able to judge by myself, and whoever claim that Breitbart is ‘as baised as’ the mainstream media, or that Snopes ‘are just a liberal couple and their cat’ lives of course in the acritical bubble that has invested the US and put them in such a deplorable situation.

      Whoever has two minutes to spend can check how Snopes research their pieces (which are no reporting so the comparison doesn’t even stand but anyway) and the way Breitbart build their clickbaiting and sometimes fake reporting.

      I’m not even an American to be dragged into your silly liberal vs conservative diatribe that is making the rest of the world laugh. It’s just a pure methodological judgement that I give here and we’re talking of media outlets that live on different planets.

      As for media mainstream: there’s a lot of shit there, but there’s a lot of quality standards, too. No such thing is to be found in that propaganda pamphlet that you trying to defend.

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