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Snoopman is less satire, more conspiracy theorist.

But plenty of folks, with varying degrees of conspiracy-isms, pass on Snoopman articles as facts.

Editor’s Note: Someone from Snoopman offered a ‘defense’ of sorts for their site, which you can read in the comments below. Again, Real or Satire has, technically, a binary system (either, or) and a site like Snoopman doesn’t fall very well into that binary system. Of course, realistically, the labels are satire, real, neither (uncategorized), or both. But that barely helps. We may change our minds on this, but we’re keeping it listed as ‘satire’ so that no one can complain that we are passing on unconfirmed information as verified facts, which is ultimately the point in Real or Satire.

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  • The Snoopman News website that publishes well-researched articles that investigate power-crimes (conspiracies for political power and collusion for economic gain). Because the articles are backed with credible source references, they are not conspiracy theory. Articles on Snoopman News present evidence of power crimes.

    Snoopman News also posts satirical articles, that can be found in the category, “Satire,
    sarcasm, and snoofs”.

    In the future,* Snoopman News will investigate positive stories about projects, models and theories to replace the private political system known as capitalism. In the current ‘free market’ era, like past-times, capitalism uses economic means to exert social control for the egotistical, malevolent benefit of oligarchs or super-rich people who use their enormous wealth to steer societies. Professional armies of elite technocrats, sponsored politicians, and fraternal militarists serve the oligarchs. Meanwhile … propagandist missionaries, who work in the Global Media Complex, are tasked with misinforming mass populaces all around the world about how, and especially why, big picture events are occurring (regardless of whether or not the media missionaries themselves understand that the news they report is subterfuge).

    Happy reading, Snoopman.

    *We know this will happen, because Snoop Monster has awesome manifestation powers.

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