This is another of those sites that you wouldn’t have any idea it was fake unless you clicked on the “Disclaimer” link up in the header.

Per their disclaimer:

Waterford Whispers News - Admittedly satire.

Waterford Whispers News is a fabricated satirical newspaper and comedy website published by Waterford Whispers News.

With fun stories about the Pope commissioning J.K. Rowling to rewrite the Bible and NASA just assuming we already knew about aliens, you can see how WWNews gets its rep as being the British and Irish version of The Onion. Well deserved!

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    Best on the Net. Damn good satire writers. The Onion’s writers need to take some notes over here. The other half of the fun here is the comments from people thinking they just read an actual breaking news story and post their thanks for finally getting the factual information no other source had the guts to expose! New fan, guys, will be popping in a lot over here.

    • We get a bunch of submissions that have basically reposted or retooled a story that originated from WWNews (like this one) and we invariably get sucked into hours of WWNews hilarity. It is definitely a fun site to get lost in!

      Thanks for popping in — we hope you visit again soon!

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