Readers Beware! To the best of our judgment, is neither Real nor are they Satire!

They are alarmist conspiracists

. . . who have been labeled by multiple sources as anti-Semites1, Nazi-Sympathizers2, and all-around jerks3. If this were satire, then one could praise them for having taken Poe’s Law to the Nth level. (But it’s not satire and I doubt they are that clever.)

They also have a rather extensive list of editors, contributors, and staff that have been employed in some way in Palestinian, Chinese, Iranian, and/or Russian government or military. This is likely why there are few articles that question Palestine, China, Iran, or Russia. Clearly, the ‘veterans’ in the name does not refer to American military.

Don’t bother.

1. ADL
3. Us.

EDITOR’S ADDENDUM: Plenty of other sites tend to agree with Real or Satire on VT, namely, Hatewatch:

“Veterans Today [. . .] is now squarely in neo-Nazi territory. [. . .] American military veterans looking for information about veterans’ issues and a more balanced take on foreign affairs — as opposed to what looks like an endless stream of Israel-bashing mixed in with some bona fide anti-Semitism — would be better-served looking elsewhere.”

  • linked1

    Say the Zionists.

    • Cowicide

      Say the Lizard People!

      • linked1

        Nah, I don’t buy into that crazy business.

        • Cowicide

          Thank you for the laugh.

  • BigT

    VT is about a dozen bobble heads who are burned out from one to many Meth binges. Made the mistake thinking it had something to do with real veterans. Instead these tweaked out tools will hopefully die from brain hemorrhages. Except without a brain that going to be tricky for them.

  • Clem_the_Great

    It appears that V.T. may well be a clever zionist front site. None of you get it.

  • Dave Vgan Bleicher

    So, they get information from Palestinian, Chinese, Russian, and others? Therefore, they would be pro-russian. Right? Funny how I recently read an article on their website about Donald Trump’s longstanding ties to the Russian Mafia. That’s not exactly doing right by the Russians if you ask me. And as far as Israel goes, it’s not about the people. It’s about the fact that Zionism was created as a political movement, where the Palestinian land was thriving before 1948 when the Israel a military moved in and killed everything. Is it a conspiracy theory that the land has been taken over by the Israeli military? Of course not. Palestinians have been forced out of their land, where they had peaceful and happy and successful lives. Sorry. I don’t know about some of the stuff that they post. But I agree with them at least on some things.

  • Simon Gunson

    Because they write about Israel’s active support for ISIS in Syria does not make VT either Neo-Nazi, nor does it make them anti-Semite. It does however make this webpage extremely Zionist.

    The name Veterans Today refers to the fact it was a journal created by US military veterans

  • John Marnie Steinebach

    I have a guy I work with that is full tilt into this stuff Im just waiting for him to be the next mass shooter. And Im not kidding

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