is neither REAL nor SATIRE

Man! Whoever runs 924jeremiah.wordpress.com are doing a bang-up job!

Tons of content that on first glance appears to be unique. Accounts all over the social media spectrum, from Facebook to Youtube. Even a podcast!

They are either heavily dedicated to Poe’s Law, or heavily dedicated to their beliefs. Either way, kudos to them.

Within the context of their religious platform, one might expect to see a tremendous amount of ClickBait headlines. But 924 Jeremiah is refreshingly mellow in tone for a site that basically says everybody’s going to Hell.

For the purposes of this site, 924 Jeremiah is neither real nor satire.

  • stephany

    how the fuck can u know what is real or not ?? are u god? o i guess ur atheist or christian or somebody with a closed mind and culture.dont give a shit what u ppl write.god is real.and everybody is going to die unfotunatelly and hopefully u will have hope and find happiness and comfort in ur site, real or satire.God is the only one who give hope.that site doesnt say that everybody is going to hell. u should read more carefully.they are helping people soemthing u people ae not doing.judging and saying what is wrong or not.get a life.everybody is diffeent and i respect other peoples opinion but u should respect christian point of view also.and other peoples differences.

    • The site should be listed as fake, because all belief in imaginary sky faeries is mythology, and not reality. Religion preys on the cowardly and mentally weak, and should be banned. As the delusions of Christianity hold that those who die for their faith automatically get to meet their imaginary sky faerie, the best thing society could do is grant them their desire to see their god. They can therefore die happy, and society would be free of them. Sounds like a win all around!

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