The New York Post has been around longer than dirt, it seems. They report on real news, but with a heavy Conservative slant.

They are not above posting ClickBait-y articles, such as the Planet X Gonna Kill Us All nonsense, that had already been debunked.

NYPost was perfectly willing to refer to then Presidential-hopeful Barack Obama as “Osama” in a not-so-subtle attempt to connect Obama with radical Islam. You are urged to find additional sources (not owned by Murdock) when checking the validity of a story. A list of Murdock-owned news entities can be found here.

  • AlphaNerd

    I was actually surprised to learn that the NYPOST was continuously operated. The reporting is so biased and absurd I just assumed it was a defunct print media brand that had been bought and turned into an online propaganda rag. The fact that its roots are still linked to actual journalism at one time makes their current state of absurdist spin really sad. Do people who take jobs there now intend to go into propaganda as a career from the beginning? Or are they former aspiring journalists that have given up on their professional dreams and professionalism and have accepted work as propagandists just to pay their bills?

    • MM

      Your description is perfect.
      These yellow newspapers put the story, forget to check the truth, but it’s all true information. haha ha
      The same goes for the NY Post, Daily Mail, Fox News and others, and this type of journalism has been done by ‘Grub Street’ for a long time. Search for: Grub Street

  • MM

    In fact, the NY Post is a specialist in checking information, since it is the others who are apparently lying. LOL

  • merely_speculating

    Hillaryous anyone with a brain even checks this site regularly. The commentary is so obviously snowflake-ish that it’s obvious only libtards read this tripe. I only accidentally came here but it’s obvious most of you can’t leave. So, it’s no surprise the way you vote.

  • John TheDon Horton

    This site is nothing but Lies lying to us it’s Clickbait posting about the Earth Dying or the End of the World stuff it needs to stop

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