UPDATED REVIEW 1-10-2017: Our previous review of came when we had a simple binary ranking system. Our conclusion has been updated to match the new system. You’ll be seeing a lot of updated reviews as we continue to comb through the database.

Sometimes, a news story has enough “clickability” on its own merits that it doesn’t warrant much alteration. Such was the case with Ferguson Cop Shoots Pregnant Woman In Face With Bean Bag, She Loses Her Eye (VIDEO), which was the articled submitted to us for our original review (see below).

There is a clear left-bias with Addicting Info. They even have a section dedicated to debunking Conservative myths and views. That’s all well-and-good.

But it’s their ClickBait tactics and mixed factual reporting that give us pause:

Bernie Sanders Just Told Republicans And Billionaires To F*** Off In The BEST Possible Way (VIDEO)

Trump Just Praised Republicans For Stripping Healthcare From Millions And Got TORCHED By Pissed Off Americans

These are just a couple of the headlines on their site at the time of this review.

Also: Addicting Info is not above completely deleting stories they pushed that were later proven false and/or satirical.

The article submitted to RoS is this one:

Ferguson Cop Shoots Pregnant Woman In Face With Bean Bag, She Loses Her Eye (VIDEO)

Which unfortunately is true. is a banned site from Reddit, not because of the nature of their news (probably) but likely because of the alleged SPAM-y aggressiveness of the site owner.

They do have satirical content, like 25 Examples of Black Privilege, but it’s explicitly labeled. That said,

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