Content heavily reliant on lists have been the bane of many people’s leisure-time reading since time immemorial.

Well . . . maybe not that long, but we get lists all the time, from Rolling Stone to David Letterman. Billboard Magazine is practically just one big-ol’ list and BuzzFeed got its initial, ahem, buzz from their high turnover list-rate. Which is a thing now.

From BuzzFeed to Umberto Eco’s The Infinity of Lists to my weekend grocery shopping, lists are here to stay.

And now you can add to the mix! (If you hadn’t already.)

This is another site that we cannot truly label as “real” or “satire,” in the way that RealorSatire is supposed to label sites. isn’t a source of news; it’s a source of fun. And a lot of their lists are pretty dang-ol’ fun!

So share away! Most people would be able to gather that it’s just entertainment. If they can’t, well . . .

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