You can usually determine a site’s validity in about 5 seconds by looking at three things:

  1. disclaimers located at the footer of the front-/home-page (if you’re lucky and the site actually has one!);
  2. the number (and sometimes type) of ads on the site;
  3. images for the articles.

So when we went to the article submitted for City World News (Handicapped People Whorehouse Busted By FBI) and saw this photo:

It's like they're not even trying!

Well . . . ’nuff said, really.

(But we know you want a bit more proof. So . . .)

If you happen to head over to another site, one that we’ve talked about before ( you’ll see this lovely article —

Man Arrested For Using Toilet Cam On His Grandfather

‐ with this beautiful picture:

Name change and a city change! Can this man be stopped??!?!
So Jack-Robert Thompson-Jenkins is getting ‘around!

Most of the images and stories can also be found on, which we’ve already marked as Satire.

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