Conservative Tribune makes the following claim:

[David Boreanaz] broke ranks with the Hollywood elite, and the overwhelming culture of Hollywood, to criticize Pres. Barack Obama. This is the same Pres. Obama that hangs out with celebrities like Jay-Z, Beyoncé, and George Clooney, while simultaneously campaigning against rich people.

It’s customary to embed tweets when you’re relying on them to push your story. Maybe CT didn’t know how to embed tweets. Fortunately, other sites do.

What is telling, though, is the site’s clickbait-y headline for this story: “Another Hollywood Actor Comes Out of The Closet… But NOT The One You’re Thinking About.”

Not the “Hollywood actor” that we’re thinking about (there would be at least 2 that automatically come to mind)?

No, not the “closet” that we were thinking about.

So instead of reading a story about some movie star professing their homosexuality, we get a story about an American actor being Bro-y.

And in their entire catalog, all of their stories are extremely Upworthy-like.

CT has an agenda — a very conservative one at that — and it doesn’t include giving you the whole story, as with the KFC vs Muslim Wet Naps saga, which we have already discussed with a previous submission.

But our goal here isn’t to warn you about the shady or questionable handling of truth, it’s to answer a simple question: Is the site real or satire? CT is real in that they report real things that have happened. But you are warned to read everything with your Centrist Googles™ on.

Addendum 11-19-2016: Since this post, we’ve updated our review system to include the categories ClickBait, Biased, and ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. While we still consider CT to be based on real headlines, their conservative bias is undeniable.

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