UPDATE 01/31/2017: Categorizing as “Real” never felt quite right with us. At the time of the initial review, we had a binary grading system: either a site was real, or it was satire. Mad World News didn’t quite sit comfortably in that either-or system. Where do we place highly opinionated commentary sites that commented on real news?

But now that we’ve expanded to include ClickBait, Bias, and ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ among the new labels, we’ve updated our own opinion of Mad World News.

In the strictest sense, Mad World News is not “Real”; rather, they are an extremely Right-biased news and opinion site, with a hefty dose of ClickBait conspiracy theories thrown in for good measure. You are urged to find additional sources on a particular story before believing Mad World News’s version of the story, 100%.

You can see our original assessment below.

The story that came to us for was this one:

Fast Food Chain Bans Alcohol-Based Wet Wipes So Muslims Aren’t Offended

According to their site, they posted the story on 9-29-2014 at around 1:30pm.

If that is to be believed, then it was an hour later than The Telegraph (submitted to us on the same day) posted this story:

KFC leaves Muslims baffled after branch drops alcohol hand-wipes in halal mix-up.

The Mad World News story is an abridged version of The Telegraph’s story, but with added commentary on the state of Britain and its supposed super-sensitivity to PC.

Another recent story follows the same formula:

Hero Rescues Kid From Bully’s Attacks, But School Admin Label Him a Villain is a rehash of Chicago’s CBS local affiliate’s story (which you can read here), with some added commentary.

Mad World News says that their purpose is to “restore our constitutional republic to what the founding fathers envisioned and fight back against the liberal media” by “bringing you the truth and the stories that the mainstream media ignores” — never mind that 5 stories that we looked at were all covered by, you guessed it: mainstream media.

We’re marking this as Real, because as far as we can tell, MWN are simply highly opinionated with their commentary. And, while they are selective with the stories that they cull from, none of the stories we reviewed were Fox News‘ed. You’d want to be careful sharing MWN stories, though, because their agenda might lead them to misrepresent the facts in order to acquire more shares/clicks.

[Please note the updated review.]

  • Jan Walton

    I just looked a story from MWN that came up on my Google page of my iPhone, and I found it so slanted as to be considered fake, at best I think this kind of “news reporting” has a lot to do with why we have neo Nazis and white supremacists in the White House. I’m a flaming liberal, so how the content was chosen for me –like most of what we see, right? I don’t know. But it’s good to have a real look on the crap that got us where we are as a country. I would have said all this on MWN, but I didn’t see a way to Comment or Contact. I wish that the consumers of this trash information would take a look at us stupid evil communist liberals, they would find tons of very nice, intelligent, hard working, church- or temple- or mosque-going, law abiding human beings.
    You give MWN way too much credit and credibility. Take another look at some more of their junk journalism. Do you think their writers even studied journalism in high school? The way young and old — but especially young — are wired into the Internet, and the fact that rich, powerful people, like the ones who currently run our government, control most of the media, they can churn out endless propaganda. Let’s call it what it is. It is dangerous. Your site is as close as I could figure how to report it. So you get my Black Friday rant for 2016. Google wants you to read their policies and guidelines and then FAQs. Forward this to them if you know how, please.

    • Sanitas

      Actually, liberals who follow the communist bent ARE stupid. I just got done reading the “communist manifesto”. Did you know that Carl Marx depended on Engels for financial support? You see – Engels was a capitalist and made a very comfortable living. So why would a capitalist support a freeloader? Well, the same reason liberal capitalists do it today; more power and opportunity to make more money. Do you doubt me? Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, George Soros, Jeff Zuckerberg,(among many others)…not hardly conservative right??? But very powerful LIBERALS.

      True conservatives actually do care for the poor. They believe in giving them opportunities and help them take responsibility.

      Liberals, like communists, scream for equality, and to do away with marriage, sexes, private property, christianity and other things deemed “good” by God. Their agendal is CONTROL, but call it equality, safety and freedom. Yeah, right. How free is North Korea? How free is China? How free is Russia? And liberals love Muslims. How free is Iran, Saudi Arabia. Yemen etc. Wake up liberals. You are being used, always have been, always will be.

      Capitalism is not evil. Communist ideology is.

      • Jodi Mickay

        Jan Walton Good evening. As I sat and read your comment I first became angry. My reason is you state a fact when it is actually not a fact, it is your own personal belief and opinion. I am choosing not to mention my political party for my concern it shouldn’t hold a matter of value. I just wanted to share my thinking and maybe it will aide in a better world of understanding. I view the term “stupid” to mean one who knows “something” based on FACT but makes their choice of action without any regard to the fact of knowledge they have. To make this a little clearer, I view the term “dumb” as one who just does not know all the facts. So then instead of being angry over the fact of you calling one “stupid” I am thinking you just choose the term stupid by error and because you then went on to give your insight, as in educating one. (Why would one waste time in giving knowledge to one who already knows but chooses different?) As well as you stated “True conservatives actually do care for the poor.” This Leads one to believe you are a person who cares and a person who cares is kind not a “bully” that calls one out in a negative manner. Right?
        You then say that conservatives want to aide to the poor by “giving them opportunities and help them take responsibility.” Let me kindly give you another aspect of fact. Not all poor are poor by action of self. Nor do all poor disregard responsibility. I choose to not see the poor and needy as one who just wants a free ride either. I am referring to a term “FREELOADER” that you and many others too appear to believe many poor are just trying to “not do” and live by anothers hand out at which they labored for. Which in this I would say the majority of poor are not trying to be “freeloaders”. Though I too know there are some exceptions as with most if not all types of program public and private.
        Here is my view on life when we are not alone here. I believe that most humans never wake on morning and say to there self I am going to become a poor person and live by the free I can get from the working. Or Im going to become a drug addict or alcoholic who brings harm to not only self but all those around me too. Not every one has the same opportunities. Not everyone has a solid foundation to grow upon. Not one person thinks like another and no one knows everthing. People only know what they learn from others and self. Communication is KEY! We all tend to forget just how important communication really is for ALL. INSTEAD of placing judgement upon one we should ask one what has happened. This way everyone stands a chance to gain. Everyone! Life was never given a promise of fairness. Its in diversity that creates equal.
        I am poor and financially needy and will most likely die in this same state. This is certainly not by any choice of my own either. 30 years ago I had a good career going in the role of a merchandising analyst. I was earning $12.50 an hour. This is equivalent of $27.92 an hour today. However, I was in a bad car accident caused by an underaged teenager. This accident has left me disabled. I had worked and had enough earned credits to collect disability thru social security. Not SSI welfare but SSD for I paid into this fund via my taxes. Did I WANT TO DO THIS NO! I had a good career starting I loved my work field of my own choosing! I wanted to continue on I was looking forward of achieving a earning over a 6 figure yearly income! That opportunity ended by no fault or choice of my own. Now not only am I disabled I am a older single parent too. My partner and childs father passed away very sudden and unexpectedly. Being disabled on social secturity by my earnings has a child benefit as well. Meaning my child recieves an auxiliary benefit derived from my earnings. This auxiliary is considered as my portion (1/2) of eachs parents responsibility and duty of the basic needs of financial care of children. Because of the FACT that I was not legally married there was an active court order for him to pay child support for his 1/2 of the obligation at which he paid and then still supported us further. Social Security does not pay more than one entitlement to children. My benefit is the higher so She not only lost his physical but all financial support we had as well. Most children who get child support will be able to have that replaced by the child survivor benefit. But because I am disabled and was a responsible working person our child can not recieve the survivors from her dad. So who replaces the lost 50% financial need of her care. No one. She looses out twice now even though he too paid into SS. Get this too had I been the parent who died she would have had a gain of 25% of her derived benefit from my earning (a childs benefit is 50% of your SSD disability earned benefits and 75% if you die)
        So had I died she would still have his financial support with a 25 percent increase of her benefit on my record. This isnt fare but it is how the law is wriiten. See childs social security survivor benefits are considered a replacement of the deceased obligation of child support. However, not when the custodial parent is disabled and once worked!! A child who is recieves SSI (THE welfare end would be able to collect both benefits but not that same option when you earned the benefit by your past pd earning via taxes!)
        Fair is it NO harming and taking away opportunities of a child YES. Does this make me a “freeloader” NO, does this mean I need to helped to take responsibility NO. Was it the fact of our laws that has created us to be that of a needy YES. We would not need any public welfare if she were able to collect her entitled survivors benefit from her once supporting father. Which is more than we get from the public assistance in food stamps a whooping 13 dollars a month! If I could work I would and then she would get the survivors plus If I could work her financial state would be much more than the benefit of my SSD for mine and hers combined is a meer equivalent of 10 dollars an hour! When one becomes disabled and worked your SS benefit does not increase keeping your benefits equal to the wages of today! Muchless do they take any raises by career increases. This is unfair to me I didnt choose any of this and I can’t change the fact Im now a disabled body!
        Not looking for sympathy just an understanding. I need help in getting this law of childs benefit via SS changed. Its not fair that we preach and have laws in place the right to have equal support for each individual parent but then not allow the same child to receive the derived benefits from each parents earning that they paid into. So see I am for what is morally right for the child. So I hope you see things from my point of view.

      • Reynard Vulpes

        More satire. Wonderful.

    • Zumani Monet

      I totally agree with you. I knew nothing of MWN until I happened to Google about Will & Grace reboot and came across an article about Michele Obama’s future appearance on the show to change Trump supporters. At first I thought it was satire because the author’s theory was just idiotic and her bias was far worse than FoxNews. I never read such crap. What made me realize that it wasn’t satire was the comments. Most of the comments called Michele a tranny or a transvestite. They were a few comments against Will & Grace because a lot of their dialogue made fun of the president. I happened to read some of the Facebook profiles of the people who posted some of these comments. One person wrote on his Facebook page that he was tired and annoyed of John McCain and he couldn’t die fast enough. I mean this is what our country has come to. Many of Trump supporters may not have liked it when Hillary called them deplorables but after reading the comments on MWN, most of them are. I am not talking about Republicans or all Trump supporters but a lot of Trumps supporters lack a moral compass and are just disgusting and nasty to people for no reason. Our country will really go to shit if we allow this group to grow. Politically correct liberals might have gone too far with censoring people’s thoughts but at least it quiet some of the crazies that the Trump campaign and presidency has let out. If there is anyway we can shut down MWN, I am in. I would love to help get rid of it.

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