As of this writing, the first three posts you see when visiting DailyBuzzLive are:

  1. Kids Are Smoking Bed Bugs To Get High
  2. Energy Drinks Contain Ingredient Extracted From Bull Urine And Semen
  3. Man Spends 3 Days In Jail For Wearing Saggy Pants To Court

Well . . .

  1. Kids are not smoking bedbugs;
  2. Red Bull does not contain bull spunk;
  3. This is true, but it’s likely a culmination of several different reports. It’s also not very timely. The article was posted in 2014, but the incident is actually from 2012. This is the kind of article title, however, that will get people clicking — and remember folks: it’s the clicks that matter, not the content nor the timeliness. If one of the other big click-bait ‘news’ sites post something old, you had best believe the lesser ones will follow suit.

DailyBuzzLive isn’t satire — in all likelihood, they aren’t posting erroneous information or re-hashing tired old yesternews to be funny or particularly provocative. They are simply click-bait.

Don’t bother with DailyBuzzLive if it is truth — or entertainment — you seek. You’ll find neither there.

[Editor’s Note: According to their Disclaimer, which is buried, along with their Privacy Policy, deep in their “Contact Us“:

DailyBuzzLive.com is a news and political satire web publication with news articles. Some are inspired by real news events, but a few stories are almost entirely works of complete fiction. This site is a source of parody, satire, and humor and is for entertainment purposes only.

Oh, so it’s just that they’re not funny, then. Got it. Duly noted.]

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