DuhProgressive is one of the flurry of sites that came to us about 2 years too late.

The site was admittedly satirical, but has since “admitted defeat.” Their site is still up, with articles intact, but they are no longer producing new content.

From their Mission Statement:

[. . .] Duh Progressive is also here to do is prove that two can play at this political mockery and ridicule shit.

I guess they want to be the Colbert for Conservatives. We can go at length about why DuhProgressive’s content misses the mark (spoiler alert: it misses the possible-double-fake of Colbert’s satire), but just know that it is, by their own admission, satire.

As of the time of this writing, DubProgressive’s Twitter and Facebook accounts remain active, and devoid of much of the satirical edge that their site had.

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