Sometimes it’s hard to tell if a “news” site is being satirical, or if they’re just posting fake or incorrect news.

Such is the case with

Check this article: It Is Now Illegal To Wear An Anonymous Mask In America

Wearing Anonymous Masks

Actual report from Arizona Capital Times:

Espinoza and Brown said a security official pointed out a man in a Guy Fawkes mask and wearing dreadlocks as an agitator, but they said he sat quietly as the main agitator led chants.

Before this, YourNewsSite also published a video of the late Stanley Kubrick admitting that he helped NASA fake the U.S. moon landings. has a great debunking of that.

November 2016 Revision: (You’ll be seeing a lot of these crop around here and there, since we’ve added additional categories for review — Neither, ClickBait, and Biased, for example. We resisted adding a “Questionable/Dubious” category, but it certainly fits YourNewsWire most of the time. We’re confident of one thing, though: They are certainly ClickBait.

Thousands Of Russian Troops Surround US Border is a rather alarmist headline. More to the point, the article cited, which is in all likelihood the same people. They are both connected to the now-defunct, which apparently ran on a bevvy of fringe topics and conspiracy theories.

Then there are headlines like Turkey To Assassinate Assad – World Prepares For World War 3 (ClickBait, complete with bad Photoshop cover image) and Bernie Sanders Suggests Election Is Rigged, Unendorses Hillary Clinton, which was only kinda-true. While Snopes disagrees with the rigged statement, we will give Your News Wire this bit. A system whereby only a few can determined who runs a country of many is, by our standards, “rigged” on an abstract level. Meanwhile, Snopes might be arguing more definitive definition of rigged (suppressed votes, voter fraud). Still, even in the Your News Wire article and the Sanders Facebook update it cites, there is no mention of a Hillary un-endorsement.

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