Sometimes it’s hard to tell if a “news” site is being satirical, or if they’re just posting fake or incorrect news.

Such is the case with

Check this article: It Is Now Illegal To Wear An Anonymous Mask In America

Wearing Anonymous Masks

Actual report from Arizona Capital Times:

Espinoza and Brown said a security official pointed out a man in a Guy Fawkes mask and wearing dreadlocks as an agitator, but they said he sat quietly as the main agitator led chants.

Before this, YourNewsSite also published a video of the late Stanley Kubrick admitting that he helped NASA fake the U.S. moon landings. has a great debunking of that.

November 2016 Revision: (You’ll be seeing a lot of these crop around here and there, since we’ve added additional categories for review — Neither, ClickBait, and Biased, for example. We resisted adding a “Questionable/Dubious” category, but it certainly fits YourNewsWire most of the time. We’re confident of one thing, though: They are certainly ClickBait.

Thousands Of Russian Troops Surround US Border is a rather alarmist headline. More to the point, the article cited, which is in all likelihood the same people. They are both connected to the now-defunct, which apparently ran on a bevvy of fringe topics and conspiracy theories.

Then there are headlines like Turkey To Assassinate Assad – World Prepares For World War 3 (ClickBait, complete with bad Photoshop cover image) and Bernie Sanders Suggests Election Is Rigged, Unendorses Hillary Clinton, which was only kinda-true. While Snopes disagrees with the rigged statement, we will give Your News Wire this bit. A system whereby only a few can determined who runs a country of many is, by our standards, “rigged” on an abstract level. Meanwhile, Snopes might be arguing more definitive definition of rigged (suppressed votes, voter fraud). Still, even in the Your News Wire article and the Sanders Facebook update it cites, there is no mention of a Hillary un-endorsement.

  • Javo Santo

    Suck it douchebags!!

    • Johnny Blowbeans

      No, you suck it, illiterate arsehole

      • dale ruff


        • Johnny Blowbeans

          Yes, you are sad

  • dale ruff

    This article itself is fake news as it misrepresents the arrest of the man with the mask as not happening.

    Here is from the newspaper link: “The man with the mask refused to leave and when police put their hands on him he clutched onto his chair. Those around him started screaming that the police were out of line, and later that the police were choking him.
    Eventually DPS officers were able to pry him loose.
    Department of Public Safety Captain Damon Cecil said the House’s Sergeant of Arms wanted the man in the mask to leave and asked troopers to remove him.
    Cecil said he was yelling different slogans and was warned, but continued to be disruptive.
    Cecil also said it’s the Sergeant at Arms who decides who should be removed.
    The man will be booked into Maricopa County jail on suspicion of resisting arrest and trespassing, Cecil said.”

    How stupid when your own link exposes your lies!

    I am on the side of the protesters but our first loyalty is to the truth. Shame on realorsatire! I do not doubt that yournewswire is full of fake news, but then so is realorstire, apparently.

    • Ken Brandt

      This doesn’t say anything about it not happening! All it says is that yournewswire reported something completely different from what happened. Why are you twisting this into something it’s not?

      • dale ruff

        huh? Orwell says the lie of omission (failing to mention the man was arrested) is worse than the lie of commission, since the truth is hidden, not openly distorted. Realorsatire quotes the link it criticizes for “fake news”–which it is not, since the man was arrested, a fact cited by the “fake news” but buried by realorsatire. Yournewswire reported the commotion and the arrest, as did the Arizona Capital news, but realorsatire hid the truth to make a false claim. Why are you ignoring the lie of omission and accusing me of twisting the facts, which I have accurately related?

        • Johnny Blowbeans

          omission is not as evil as commission, but if you can’t discern that for yourself you’re beyond help

          • dale ruff

            So Orwell was wrong, but an anonymous troll is right?

          • Joseph Suess

            No one will listen to a Buffoon named Johnny Blowbeans anyway…Fugg em Dale! 😉

      • NYCTim

        Because he’s a Tea Bagger dipshit.

  • Anti

    So .. this is trying to stop people from looking at this site which tells things the Negative Elite’ dont want us to know about..
    Pathetic attempt, in fact makes you want to check it out more…

    • Jon Hen

      What, like that the Queen died?

      You check them out all you want, it just makes you look rather pathetic.

  • andyk304

    The site’s fake news. It’s horrible.

    As for THIS site’s editorializing (“A system whereby only a few can determined who runs a country of many is, by our standards, “rigged” on an abstract level.”): I suggest you brush up on Duverger’s Law, then ask yourself if the men who framed the Constitution of the United States late in the 18th Century had any idea that they were in the process of implementing a system that inherently favors a two-party system. It’s not like they had many other representative democracies to study for the pros and cons.

  • angelicvh

    Snopes is not the accuracy source. I have taken articles, (not this one and particular) and been able to disprove it in a matter of minutes. News is tricky these days, as MSM is not accurate all the time either.

    • David Ward

      snopes is not a source, they cite their multiple source(s).. why is this so hard for some to comprehend?

      • Jim Tocci

        Snopes is biased, they have lost their credibility. They’ve delved into analyzing abstract ideas. Doesn’t mean that they aren’t right about certain things, but telling someone you checked in snopes doesn’t mean much anymore.

        • David Ward

          Telling someone you checked any source doesn’t mean much anymore. If someone disagrees, they will just claim the sources are biased or #fakenews. Believe me, the mention of any fact checking source will draw the ire of the subject in question. Its almost as if all facts are conspiring against their beliefs..

      • artfultoad

        Snopes is a CIA-run psy-op. It’s no more reliable than . . . Your News Wire.

    • soupgoblin

      Ever wonder why people that say “somesite” is not accurate, and yet fail to show any proof of any inaccuracy?

      Show your proof, or else you are just lying, and nobody like a liar.

  • Chef X

    You discredit your site by referencing, Snopes, a fake website. Your no different than the site you try to discredit. LMAO!

  • Graham Pick

    If you use snopes as a reference then your site loses credibility also.

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