Webcomic Fredo & Pid'jin

Fredo&Pid’jin: What does Alt-Right mean? (Click to view original webcomic)

I must confess: I have a soft spot for

He’s a great writer with a keen eye and no small amount of wit. Our views don’t always line-up, but I always enjoy visiting his page.

The site’s tag-line reads:

Just because you want to be informed doesn’t mean you can’t laugh along the way. Science, politics, religion, pop culture and the law.

Expect funny observations about life, reposts of funny webcomics (like the one to the right of Fredo & Pid’jin), and commentaries on U.S. political goings-on.

We mark this one “Bias” because, well . . . he has one. He has a specific, mostly-Progressive view on much of the news-y stuff he posts, so expect a fair bit of color.

But you expect that from a site that is by design mostly commentary, not from a site that tries to pass itself off as being reportage — which does not try to do.

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